Synonyms for Introduction:


artwork, body, back, acknowledgments, binding, afterword, influx, addendum, blurb, appendix. assimilation, discovery, exploratory, acquisition, hothouse, education, insight, advanced, meeting, flashcard, exercise. awakening, baptism, starting point, appearance, onset, outset, enlightenment, arrival. embargo, balance of payments, export, foreword, common market, blockade, balance of trade. survey, bump into, come-on, handbook, present, meet, book, primer, introduce, grammar, manual, encounter, text, meet up, run into, come across, elements, see. Ingression, accept, have the world at your feet, be noted for, be a household name/word, be/become (a) legend. lead-in, Prolegomenon, words. beginning (noun)
creation, genesis, origin, birth, precursor, spring, hatching, nativity, earliness, infancy, emergence, derivation, babyhood, stem, embryo, preparation, conception, cradle, start, inauguration, sprout, dawn, inception, commencement, nascency, beginning, source.
insert (noun)
insertion (noun)
injection, lodgement, insertion, Embedding, insinuation, Interlocation, piercing, implantation, intrusion, infiltration.
introduction (noun)
forward, intro, prologue, opening, first appearance, presentation, foreword, entry, intromission, insertion, launching, preamble, unveiling, preface, debut, overture.
intromission (noun)
prelude (noun)
avant-garde, antecedent, foregoing, leading, prelude, preceding.
something new; something that begins (noun)
foreword, inception, Prolegomenon, insertion, influx, opening, lead-in, prologue, survey, preface, presentation, overture, awakening, primer, baptism, inauguration, commencement, preamble, prelude, intro, debut, beginning.

Other synonyms:

onset, outset, Prolegomenon, arrival, starting point, Ingression, primer, lead-in. appearance. body.

Usage examples for introduction

  1. He thought that he might as well get all the information possible, and waited for an introduction – Hopalong Cassidy's Rustler Round-Up Bar-20 by Clarence Edward Mulford
  2. With a short introduction by Robert Browning. – Life of Robert Browning by William Sharp
  3. To perform the introduction properly I must go back a day or two. – Penelope's Irish Experiences by Kate Douglas Wiggin