Synonyms for Quotation:


contrivance, denouement, selection, excerpt, passage, aside, line, action, comic relief, sentence, content, ad lib, extract, recitation, act, backstory, the credits, repetition. bill, fee. citation (noun)
price, offer, reference, passage, selection, excerpt, quote.
communication (noun)
citation, quote.
evidence (noun)
observation, fact, support, demonstration, counter-evidence, confirmation, data, proof, evidence, establishment, determination, certification, validation, documentation, attestation, substantiation, statement, illustration, deposition, corroboration, specimen, declaration, authentication, testimony, exemplification, information, exhibit, manifestation, indication, connotation.
offer (noun)
offer, attempt, concession, approach, submission, bestowal, deal, bid, investiture, citation, grant, issue, invitation, gift, endowment, advance, present, overture, tender, donation, offering.
price (noun)
tab, duty, amount, tax, premium, charge, rate, value, outlay, levy, damage, toll, expense, worth, figure, cost, dearness, price, tariff.
quotation (noun)
credit, citation, quote, reference, mention, acknowledgment.
referral (noun)
referral, mention, reference, allusion, cross-reference.

Other synonyms:

extract. selection
Other relevant words:
quote, extract, credit, denouement, repetition, acknowledgment, contrivance, passage, selection, sentence, action, bill, act, backstory, fee, excerpt, line, aside, recitation, content.

Usage examples for quotation

  1. Was that a quotation Mr. Gifford? – The Hunt Ball Mystery by Magnay, William
  2. There was an unmistakable sincerity about the way in which he completed his quotation '" Lo! – Hyacinth 1906 by George A. Birmingham
  3. Here is another quotation from Prince Kropotkin's book. – Britain for the British by Robert Blatchford