Synonyms for Price:


bill, offer. call, buyer's market, credit rating, sacrifice, aftermarket, customer care, churn rate, cross-selling, direct marketing, cold call, detail. beat down, bounce back, appraise, bottom out, bargain, cap, Capping, climb, cheapen. hit the town/street, etc., browse, check out, put something on the slate, change, take back, shop, shop around. drawback, limitation, disadvantage, handicap, downside, loss, flip side, snag, minus. asking price (noun)
marked price.
charge (noun)
equivalent, DUES, asking price, valuation, demand, sticker price, return, list price, Appraisement, barter, wages, exactment, ransom, disbursement, carry charge, pay, output, marked price, impost, reward, par value, wholesale price, estimate, prize, retail price, consideration, discount price, appraisal, exaction, hire, fare, ceiling, guerdon, reckoning, requital, price ceiling.
financial value (noun)
tab, consideration, barter, ransom, output, hire, estimate, worth, payment, damage, ceiling, pay, wages, outlay, valuation, cost, asking price, return, disbursement, DUES, prize, amount, demand, reckoning, appraisal, rate, premium, figure, Appraisement, reward, toll, bill, tariff, expense, charge, exaction, fare, quotation.
person (noun)
Mary Leontyne Price, Leontyne Price.
possession (noun)
damage, terms.
price (noun)
terms, toll, tab, figure, premium, charge, dearness, amount, Leontyne Price, duty, outlay, quotation, damage, tax, expense, tariff, worth, value, monetary value, cost, levy, Mary Leontyne Price, rate.


assess financial value (verb)
appraise, value.
price (verb)
toll, figure, tax, rate, value, charge.

Other synonyms:

shop around, appraise, downside, sticker price, asking price, list price, drawback, ransom. shop, disadvantage, offer, bargain, flip side. limitation, bill, handicap. take back. minus, loss, check out, sacrifice. change. Other relevant words:
reward, guerdon, wages, barter, Leontyne Price, demand, terms, consideration, reckoning, limitation, monetary value, asking price, pay, appraisal, sacrifice, Mary Leontyne Price, drawback, change, Appraisement, exaction, DUES, disbursement, prize, requital, ceiling, hire, downside, par value, amount, valuation, appraise, bill, ransom, return, output, fare, handicap, minus, estimate.

Usage examples for price

  1. " Yes, he is- but not at a price that will do them any good. – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  2. But you forgot that his pride must have its price too. – The Gold of Chickaree by Susan Warner