Synonyms for Section:


desk, back office, departmental, divisional, customer services, acquisitions. clause, contract, affidavit, bond, covenant, locality, brief, criminal record, codicil, conveyance. club, constellation, age group, array, crush, busload, circle, cut, collection, crowd. arsenal, assemblage, bank, bale, assortment, agglomeration, battery, bevy, assembly, batch, passage. agora, dissever, brownfield, armpit, borough, break up, divide, barrio, cabbagetown, assemble, block, cantonment, burbs, separate. distance, expanse, air pocket, break, gap, infinity, clearance, headroom, elbow room, footprint. attachment, box, amendment, annex, contents, attention line, annexe, foot, blank, coda. detect, dissect, anatomize, chromatography, biopiracy, Animal Rights, control, double blind, detection, empirical. anesthetize, bring back, catch, bleed, bandage, catheterize, anaesthetize, cauterize, attend. bypass, caesarean, abortion, angioplasty, circumcision, d and c, appendectomy, colostomy, c-section, cesarean. bit, unit, substructure, detail. combo, dance band, band, brass band, gamelan, girl band, chamber orchestra, boy band, consort, ensemble. cloverleaf, corner, bend, camber, bike lane, central reservation, chicane, carpool lane, connection, bicycle lane. casting, figure, miniature, exploded, effigy, cardboard cut-out, cast, mockup, cutaway. area (noun)
area, patch, domain, hectare, locality, rood, territory, acre, region, district, zone, sector.
communication (noun)
component (noun)
constituent, material, percentage, article, part, matter, item, fraction, feature, member, factor, segment, fragment, ingredient, component, piece, medium, filament, element, portion.
division, portion (noun)
fraction, zone, region, district, sector, territory, component, slice, passage, chunk, segment, locality, subdivision, department, area, fragment, cut, quarter, part, piece, member.
fraction (noun)
denominator, chunk, slice, third, numerator, half, quarter.
geographical area (noun)
quarter (noun)
quarter, barrio.
region (noun)
section (noun)
department, subdivision, surgical incision, plane section, division, part, incision, segment.
surgery (noun)


contact (verb)

Other synonyms:

bit, substructure, divide, block. desk, unit, dissever. passage. separate, detail. division
Other relevant words:
arsenal, circumcision, appendectomy, attachment, busload, band, brownfield, array, corner, clause, dissever, miniature, subdivision, bend, ensemble, article, bypass, bank, bale, battery, barrio, circle, cantonment, cast, divisional, annex, conveyance, assemble, assortment, cloverleaf, detection, cesarean, gamelan, c-section, exploded, codicil, expanse, caesarean, break, dissect, contents, affidavit, anatomize, separate, agora, department, catch, blank, cutaway, bandage, contract, chromatography, constellation, batch, club, effigy, cabbagetown, borough, annexe, attend, brief, departmental, incision, control, foot, combo, anesthetize, casting, surgical incision, cauterize, crush, headroom, catheterize, detect, desk, passage, cut, gap, block, distance, collection, crowd, agglomeration, bleed, divide, clearance, amendment, bit, detail, assembly, mockup, bond, locality, bevy, abortion, infinity, footprint, consort, angioplasty, colostomy, assemblage, box, connection, coda, chicane, unit, camber, armpit, covenant, figure, division, acquisitions, plane section, burbs, anaesthetize, empirical, substructure, biopiracy.

Usage examples for section

  1. He has added a developing section of seventy bars. – Chopin: The Man and His Music by James Huneker
  2. Then H. R. H. was to visit the Foreign Section and Mr. Fearn, who naturally expected to be on duty, invited various friends, including ourselves, to be present in the Gallery of the rather fine Entrance Hall. – Fifty-One Years of Victorian Life by Margaret Elizabeth Leigh Child-Villiers, Countess of Jersey