Synonyms for Reproduction:


commensalism, Egestion, absorption, photography, anaerobic respiration, generation, digestion, aerobic respiration, proliferation, revival, printing, multiplication, autolysis, reduplication, renewal, Biorhythm, adaptation, chemical digestion, propagation. plagiarism, reverse engineering, radiogram, radiograph, blowup, photograph. carbon copy, same, simulacre. Spawning, increase. duplication (noun)
imitation (noun)
counterfeit, tracing, pretense, echo, simulation, mimicry, representation, forgery, portrayal, copy, burlesque, emulation, caricature, duplication, duplicate, sham, mockery, mirror, pseudo, resemblance, parody, imitation, carbon, spoof, travesty, replication, reflection, parallel, impersonation.
increase (noun)
mirror image (noun)
repetition (noun)
quote, iteration, reiteration, recurrence, repetition, recapitulation, recitation.
reproduction (noun)
copying, breeding, replication, replica, transcription, facts of life, procreation.
sex (noun)
facts of life.
something duplicated; duplication (noun)
copy, multiplication, portrayal, photograph, facsimile, carbon copy, transcription, proliferation, xerox, offprint, photocopy, revival, renewal, ditto, procreation, replica, clone, generation, reduplication, breeding, print, carbon, propagation, imitation, increase, replication.

Other synonyms:

reduplication, reverse engineering, Spawning, simulacre, carbon copy, photocopy. generation, plagiarism, print. increase. picture taking
Other relevant words:
forgery, generation, revival, proliferation, plagiarism, facts of life, offprint, multiplication, photograph, simulacre, printing, print, Spawning, photocopy, propagation, tracing, carbon copy, increase, breeding, photography, renewal, reduplication.

Usage examples for reproduction

  1. We will not burden the reader with a complete reproduction of his story, although I assure you it makes very interesting reading material, but will simply review it briefly. – Studies in Forensic Psychiatry by Bernard Glueck
  2. It had been proudly held by several deceased representatives of the family to be the reproduction of a Greek temple. – The Nest of the Sparrowhawk by Baroness Orczy
  3. Reproduction single sheet, mounted. – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr