Synonyms for Transition:


stabilization, Adaption, game-changing. change (noun)
diversity, revision, transfiguration, change, shift, modulation, metamorphosis, adaptation, alteration, transposition, reformation, adjustment, deviation, variation, modification, mutation, difference, transformation, conversion, diversification.
conversion (noun)
regeneration, reclamation, sublimation, proselytization.
flux (noun)
motion, change.
motion (noun)
activity, motion, motility, mobility, flux, movement, locomotion, action, passage, procession.
passage (noun)
shift (noun)
development, turn, realignment.
transience (noun)
evanescence, temporality, impermanence, briefness, fleetingness, moment, volatility, instantaneousness, transience.
transition (noun)
changeover, transformation, metamorphosis, flux, alteration, realignment, shift, modulation, turn, conversion, passage, development.
transmogrification (noun)

Other synonyms:

game-changing, Adaption. Other relevant words:
development, realignment, Adaption, turn, changeover, game-changing.

Usage examples for transition

  1. To know the moment which marks the transition from the first to the second stage of labor can be of no benefit to the patient; but for the medical attendant the greatest interest centers about this point. – The Prospective Mother A Handbook for Women During Pregnancy by J. Morris Slemons