Synonyms for Contrivance:


expedient, big beast, automation, array, clunker, Accouterments, automaton, black box. gear, aside, harness, backstory, denouement, discovery, creation, brainchild, content, tackle, mechanism, comic relief, the credits, ad lib, material, act, action. dirty tricks, jigger, hoax, thing, concern, prank. make. contrivance (noun)
gizmo, devisal, contraption, widget, dodge, stratagem, lash-up, gadget, convenience, gismo, appliance.
course of action (noun)
gadget (noun)
contraption, creation, discovery, utensil, tackle, instrument, engine, gimcrack, implement, tool, harness, machine, device, convenience, gear, equipment, appliance, apparatus, material, mechanism, widget.
instrument (noun)
facility, utility, gimmick, convenience, tool, engine, doodad, contraption, implement, apparatus, gadget, widget, device, equipment, utensil, gimcrack, gizmo, appliance, machine, instrument.
plan (noun)
expectation, arrangement, idea, premeditation, coordination, design, conception, blueprint, chart, plan, invention, proposition, scheme, plot, intention, aim, anticipation.
plan, fabrication (noun)
invention, expedient, brainchild, scheme, machination, plot, dodge, design, stratagem, gimmick, ruse, artifice, trick.
resource (noun)
stratagem (noun)
ruse, stratagem, feint, deception, trick of the trade, ploy, game, wrinkle, subterfuge, artifice, pitfall, Trojan Horse, maneuver, trick, tactics, trickery, machination, dodge, trap.

Other synonyms:

Accouterments, clunker, brainchild, black box, automation, comic relief, backstory, big beast, automaton, mechanism. ad lib, jigger, discovery, aside, array. action. content. act. thing. Other relevant words:
Accouterments, apparatus, gismo, act, clunker, hoax, jigger, harness, creation, material, content, tackle, devisal, denouement, automaton, lash-up, brainchild, mechanism, concern, action, discovery, expedient, aside, gear, thing.

Usage examples for contrivance

  1. Whoever first thought of such a contrivance deserves great credit. – A Yacht Voyage Round England by W.H.G. Kingston
  2. The back wall of the cot, a contrivance of stones plastered together with clay, was also the end wall of the linhay. – Furze the Cruel by John Trevena
  3. The Bureau of Ordnance, assisted by Mr. Browne, spent the summer and autumn experimenting with this contrivance and perfecting it; the English mining officers who had been sent to America to co- operate with our navy expressed great enthusiasm over it; and some time about the beginning of August, 1917, the Bureau of Ordnance came to the conclusion that it was a demonstrated success. – The Victory At Sea by William Sowden Sims Burton J. Hendrick