Synonyms for Chisel:


adjustable wrench, bradawl, bellows, blowtorch, box end wrench, Allen Wrench, bit, blowlamp, applicator. deceive, gull, defraud, stick, mulct, bilk, take, entrap, cozen, diddle, trick, DO, rook, victimize, honest, dupe, swindle, string along, sting, double cross, flimflam, trim, gyp. chase, chop, chip away, flail, crimp, card, cut. chisel (noun)
rip off, cheat, beat.
gouge (noun)
edge, blade.
shaping tool (noun)
blade, knife, gouge, edge.
tool (noun)
screwdriver, punch, gouge, snips, drill, wrench, wrecking bar, table saw, bench drill, grindstone, crosscut saw, Bow-saw, hedge trimmer, cold chisel, pickax, level, band saw, edger, emery wheel, stapler, square, spanner, hatchet, auger, welder, scissors, tire iron, wedge, plane, Drill press, scythe, lug wrench, trowel, ripsaw, crowbar, vise, axe, awl, miter box, lathe, spoke shave, tin snips, hammer, circular saw, tool, ball-peen hammer, radial arm saw, chain saw, file, coping saw, machete, scroll saw, knife, buzz saw, pliers, sickle, jointer, arc welder, keyhole saw, saw, jigsaw, pipe wrench, pick, calipers, planer, claw hammer, shears, sledgehammer, hoe, spade, mallet, jackknife, handsaw, back saw, posthole auger, hacksaw, shovel, monkey wrench, grapnel.


social (verb)

Other synonyms:

diddle, bilk. victimize, cozen, cut, chip away, defraud. sting, mulct, flail. gyp. crimp, chop, chase. trim. card. DO, take. deceive
Other relevant words:
bradawl, flimflam, stick, chase, sting, card, deceive, gyp, beat, diddle, edge, rip off, gull, defraud, mulct, cozen, cheat, bilk, swindle, trim, dupe, trick, victimize, DO, take, crimp, blade, rook, cut.

Usage examples for chisel

  1. One edge of the other half of the original tube is sharpened like a chisel blade. – The Bontoc Igorot by Albert Ernest Jenks
  2. Didn't Blake bring a chisel – Christopher and the Clockmakers by Sara Ware Bassett
  3. We had found no difficulty in opening the first drawer within the iron safe; we found great difficulty in opening the second: it was not locked, but it resisted all efforts, till we inserted in the chinks the edge of a chisel – The Boy Scouts Book of Stories by Various