Synonyms for Semblance:


similar (adjective)
close, ersatz, analogous, imitative, akin, such, comparable, alike, similar, like, Resembling, twin, uniform.


front, masquerade, mask, guise, disguise, cloak, face, pretense, pretext, show, veil, Disguisement, veneer, cover, false colors, window dressing, put on. hint, whisper, hair, breath, ghost, taste, touch, suggestion, trace, dash, intimation, tinge, big, whisker, suspicion, streak, shade, shadow, whiff. air (noun)
guise, study at appearance, appearance.
attribute (noun)
color, colour.
aura, appearance (noun)
alikeness, guise, veil, show, resemblance, veneer, analogy, similitude, mask, similarity, front, pretense, face, likeness.
cover (noun)
misrepresentation (noun)
false colors.
semblance (noun)
color, likeness, colour, illusion.
similarity (noun)
resemblance, alikeness, imitation, analog, likeness, similarity, similitude, sameness, match, analogy, closeness.

Other synonyms:

appearance, false colors, window dressing, Disguisement. masquerade, whisker, pretense, guise, whiff. intimation, veneer, disguise. ghost, whisper, tinge, hair, streak, cloak, front. hint, shadow. mask, put on, trace, breath, veil. shade. face. pretense
Other relevant words:
put on, colour, window dressing, cloak, whisker, streak, Disguisement, breath, veil, illusion, whiff, intimation, mask, false colors, trace, disguise, masquerade, hair, pretense, tinge, face, shadow, pretext, hint, color, taste, veneer, touch, cover, show, dash, appearance, guise, shade, suggestion, suspicion, front, ghost, whisper.

Usage examples for semblance

  1. Halloway noticed that, as he talked, the other men watched him narrowly though, as he glanced in their direction, they fell at once into a semblance of carelessness. – A Pagan of the Hills by Charles Neville Buck