Synonyms for Gorge:


ravine, come up, bilious, crevasse, bring up, canyon, abyss, airsick, carsick, bloated, chuck up, disgorge. box canyon, glen, cloy, pall, dell, excess, arroyo, basin, full, dale, gulley, surfeit. have your fun, like, revel in, love, delight in, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, drink in, go in for, get, enjoy. feast on, feast, feed your face, mainline, snarf, go through, put away. gorge (noun)
stuff, overgorge, scarf out, overindulge, gormandise, gormandize, englut, pig out, engorge, ingurgitate, glut, overeat, gullet, oesophagus, gourmandize, binge, esophagus, defile, satiate.
gulch (noun)
throat (noun)
esophagus, gullet.
valley (noun)
glen, ravine, crevasse, canyon, arroyo, abyss.


eat voraciously (verb)
stuff, gormandize, satiate, overeat, sate, surfeit, cloy, overindulge, glut, fill.
satisfy (verb)
slake, gratify, stuff, glut, engorge, satiate, saturate, sate, quench, satisfy, appease, fill, allay.

Other synonyms:

ravine, box canyon, glen, dell, dale, arroyo. cloy, pall. basin. englut
pig out
scarf out.
Other relevant words:
scarf out, overgorge, crevasse, ravine, gourmandize, dell, binge, overeat, oesophagus, arroyo, gormandise, canyon, feast, box canyon, glen, gullet, defile, cloy, dale, englut, esophagus, pall, abyss, surfeit, gulley, overindulge, pig out, gormandize, ingurgitate.

Usage examples for gorge

  1. Down in the gorge she saw a little bird in quick flight. – The Everlasting Whisper by Jackson Gregory
  2. The day promised to be unusually hot and it was Masters's plan to get through the Black Gorge canyon early, as it was famous for its stifling heat and dust storms later in the day. – The High Calling by Charles M. Sheldon
  3. The gorge may give way at any moment, and the bridge will probably go with it. – Nature's Serial Story by E. P. Roe