Synonyms for Garish:


bright (adjective)
dazzling, radiant, brilliant, glinting, neon, glaring, glistening, glittering, phosphorescent, incandescent, gleaming, lucid, luminescent, fluorescent, illuminating, shining, luminous, fiery, sparkling, shimmering, blazing, radiating, scintillating, blinding, beaming, lurid, vivid, bright, flaring, glowing, flashing, well lit, lustrous.
colorful (adjective)
dyed, intense, shaded, tinted, stained, vivid, colored, inky, chromatic, gaudy, rich, full-colored, High-colored, spectral, lurid, brilliant, hued, florid, painted, rainbow-like, bright-hued, colorful.
flashy, tasteless (adjective)
meretricious, loud, brassy, glaring, glittering, cheap, chintzy, tawdry, showy, tinsel, brazen, vulgar, gaudy, ostentatious, ornate, blatant, Flaunting.
ostentatious (adjective)
ornate, opulent, dashing, affected, boastful, gaudy, Flaunting, flamboyant, forced, formal, dramatic, exhibitionistic, stilted, rakish, fussy, jaunty, flashy, splashy, shameless, grandiose, histrionic, blatant, snazzy, sensational, ostentatious, flourishing, pompous, flagrant, vain, showy, grandiloquent.
vulgar (adjective)
coarse, salty, undignified, tawdry, raw, unrefined, sleazy, vulgar, idiomatic, repulsive, chintzy, profane, coarse-grained, sordid, crass, rank, unseemly, crude, boorish, brazen, rough, barnyard, tactless, indelicate, cheap, offensive, unbecoming, barbaric, obscene, brutish, ignominious, animal, depraved, tasteless, revolting, graceless, in bad taste, shameless, cockney, gaudy, scandalous, philistine, rude, clumsy, gross, homespun, colloquial, inelegant, glaring, broad, ill-bred, low, common, earthy, outlandish, unpolished, degraded, ignoble, base.


brash. style, tinsel, brummagem. garish (noun)
meretricious, gaudy, in poor taste, flash, cheap, tawdry, tasteless, tatty, loud, trashy, tacky, brassy, gimcrack, flashy.

Other synonyms:

brummagem. tinsel, brash. Other relevant words:
flash, loud, in poor taste, style, meretricious, tacky, tinsel, tatty, brash, gimcrack, brummagem, trashy, brassy.

Usage examples for garish

  1. But the old beliefs seemed dim; the new ones, garish and confused. – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole
  2. The room was pretty, though its adornment was garish and somewhat miscellaneous, consisting as it did of the trophies of Miss Schuyler's European tour. – The Cattle-Baron's Daughter by Harold Bindloss