Synonyms for Tenderness:


affection (noun)
fondness, respect, feeling, regard, gentleness, sentiment, friendship, courtesy, softheartedness, warmth.
fondness (noun)
consideration, care, watchfulness, courtesy.
forgiveness (noun)
gentleness (noun)
compassion, warmth, sympathy, sensitivity, kindness, affection, love, benevolence.
love (noun)
crush, devotion, fondness, faithfulness, sentimentality, desire, endearment, love, kinship, amorousness, attachment, communion, intimacy, romance, friendliness, infatuation, oneness, passion, affection, adoration, idolization, worship, liking.
mildness (noun)
cordiality, lenience, benevolence, charity, gentleness, clemency, permissiveness, meekness, acceptance, benignity, broad-mindedness, moderation, insipidity, libertarianism, evenness, tolerance, geniality, amiability, open-mindedness, moderateness, liberality, quietness, softness, peaceableness, liberalness, laxity, mildness, forbearance, latitude, liberty, kindness, easiness.
pain (noun)
pity (noun)
compassion, commiseration, humaneness, pity, sympathy, leniency, mercy.
sensitivity (noun)
mushiness, fancifulness, Sappiness, sloppiness, schmaltz, lovesickness, sensitivity, mawkishness.
tenderness (noun)
fondness, warmheartedness, tenderheartedness, soreness, heart, affection, softheartedness, affectionateness.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
consideration, soreness, care, softheartedness, heart, tenderheartedness, courtesy, affectionateness, warmheartedness, watchfulness.

Usage examples for tenderness

  1. And, a little farther on, he reads there: Profound study of the history of war will make the officer guard against exaggerated humanitarian concessions, will teach him that war can not take place without certain harshness, that true humanity consists in proceeding without tenderness – Fighting France by Stephane Lauzanne
  2. Pride, tenderness joy rose at the thought, and he opened his arms. – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  3. I will call thee my dear son: I remember all thy tenderness – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown