Synonyms for Frivolity:


stunt, brainstorm, aberration, shenanigans, antics, crank, tomfoolery. rubbish, small change, gimmick, surface, nonsense, froth, trifle, dreck, snake oil, small potatoes, muck, important, white elephant, fiddle-faddle, triviality. absurdity (noun)
amusement (noun)
celebration, hobby, amusement, distraction, play, hilarity, recreation, pastime, fun, tonic, humor, levity, sport, stimulation, diversion, Jolliness, jocularity, Divertissement, refreshment, merriment, relaxation, entertainment, whimsicality, game, pleasure.
attribute (noun)
fiddle-faddle (noun)
flightiness (noun)
puerility, lightness, giddiness, triviality, trifling, silliness, flummery, folly, flippancy.
frivolity (noun)
fluff, prank, frippery, frivolousness, buffoonery, clowning, bagatelle, harlequinade.
silliness, childishness (noun)
flummery, game, frivolousness, levity, folly, frippery, fun, whimsicality, trifling, nonsense, triviality, puerility, flippancy, giddiness, lightness, play, sport.
unimportance (noun)
insignificance, triflingness, triteness, trivia, inconsequence, irrelevance, minutia, banality, insipidity, unimportance.

Other synonyms:

brainstorm, snake oil, white elephant, stunt, small potatoes, crank, dreck, tomfoolery, shenanigans, antics, fiddle-faddle, gimmick. aberration, small change, muck. froth, triviality. rubbish, trifle. nonsense. impertinence
Other relevant words:
small potatoes, prank, antics, clowning, froth, fiddle-faddle, shenanigans, aberration, gimmick, trifling, stunt, giddiness, buffoonery, surface, crank, important, muck, flippancy, frippery, bagatelle, nonsense, fluff, flummery, folly, silliness, triviality, small change, dreck, frivolousness, tomfoolery, harlequinade, brainstorm, trifle, lightness, rubbish, puerility.

Usage examples for frivolity

  1. She wondered if the people in Hatboro' felt all this about it; if they realised how its involuntary frivolity insulted the solemn memory of the slain. – Annie Kilburn A Novel by W. D. Howells
  2. " Just like a woman," " women's frivolity useless little feminine trinkets," are phrases always on his lips. – Modern American Prose Selections by Various
  3. War had burnt away his glittering, clever frivolity – The Branding Iron by Katharine Newlin Burt