Synonyms for Imagination:


judgment, intelligence, thoughtfulness, common sense, intellect, intuition, acuteness, ingenuity, mind, sensitivity, artistry, reason, brilliance, wisdom, clarity, insight. excitement, pleasure, ecstasy, enthusiasm, kick, delight, satisfaction, anticipation, fabrication, wonder, joie de vivre. thoughts, real, run riot, a vivid imagination, thinkable, creative, imaginative, visionary, imaginings. cognition (noun)
vision, imaginativeness.
imagination (noun)
resourcefulness, vision, idea, invention, supposition, dream, Dreams, resource, imaginativeness, imagery, Daydreams, conception, fantasy, mental imagery, imaging, brainchild, creation, creativity.
immateriality (noun)
Ethereality, intangibility, abstraction, immateriality, spirituality, unsubstantiality, Imponderability, incorporeality.
intelligence (noun)
originality (noun)
inventiveness, innovation, originality, creativeness.
power to create in one's mind (noun)
invention, supposition, ingenuity, idea, originality, creation, creativity, inventiveness, resourcefulness, imagery, acuteness, intelligence, conception, fantasy, vision, fabrication, thoughtfulness, artistry, thought, insight.
supposition (noun)
presumption, inkling, prophecy, guess, theory, conjecture, hypothesis.
thought (noun)
pondering, brooding, engrossment, musing, reasoning, contemplation, Debating, cogitation, evaluation, weighing, reflection, daydreaming, deliberation, absorption, meditation, concentration, preoccupation, intellection, lucubration, envisioning, thinking, consideration, appraisal, analysis, speculation, brain work, cerebration, wistfulness, study, thought, calculation, attention.

Other synonyms:

imaginings, thinkable. imaginative. visionary. inventiveness
Other relevant words:
mind, sensitivity, clarity, ingenuity, kick, intellect, anticipation, brilliance, enthusiasm, real, fabrication, imaginativeness, thoughts, imaginative, mental imagery, ecstasy, acuteness, imaging, creative, insight, intelligence, resource, artistry, thoughtfulness, satisfaction, thinkable, resourcefulness, excitement, delight, pleasure, imagery, reason, imaginings, intuition, wisdom, judgment.

Usage examples for imagination

  1. " The reason is, I think, because that is the only thing they forget," said Fleda, whose imagination however, was entirely busy with the singular number. – Queechy, Volume II by Elizabeth Wetherell
  2. I can think of only two ways; either that there is no imagination to realize the horror, or else that it is not really believed. – Love's Final Victory by Horatio
  3. So I just drew this younger character from my imagination – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker