Synonyms for Publication:


broadcasting, datum, information, ventilation, revelation, findings, writing, printing, communication, acquaintance, detail, word, A to Z, notification, discovery, fact, data, statement, disclosure, news, advisement. annual, bestseller, atlas, biography, almanac, anthology, authority, edition, blook, bible, autobiography, paper. manuscript, words, compilation, edit, copyright, ISBN, backlist, bibliography. opus, title. knowledge, proclamation, declaration, annunciation. act (noun)
advertisement (noun)
commercial, circular, propaganda, notice, promotion.
announcement (noun)
bulletin, report.
book (noun)
magazine, insert, pamphlet, catalog, handbook, chronicle, folio, index, textbook, atlas, serial, treatise, work, bible, script, brochure, compendium, bestseller, log, tome, leaflet, tract, opus, edition, verse, book, monograph, volume, libretto, record, booklet, chapter, novel, manual, list, play book.
bulletin (noun)
chronicle (noun)
circular (noun)
communication (noun)
printing (noun)
publication (noun)
newsmagazine, circular, announcement, book, organ, review, promulgation, promotion, publishing, printing, advertisement, brochure, handbill, journal, brief, booklet, propaganda, journalism, periodical, revelation, newspaper, ventilation, pamphlet, bulletin, declaration, dissemination, disclosure, writing, broadcasting, newsletter, commercial, issue, proclamation, herald, gazette, post, statement, discovery, magazine, notice, communication, notification, report, annual, broadcast, news, information, leaflet.

Other synonyms:

annunciation, communication. declaration, proclamation. opus. title. divulgence
Other relevant words:
blook, bibliography, advisement, annual, opus, findings, title, statement, word, publishing, acquaintance, autobiography, declaration, edit, anthology, annunciation, ventilation, edition, printing, writing, manuscript, bestseller, paper, bible, communication, data, compilation, backlist, authority, knowledge, biography, discovery, revelation, detail, datum, proclamation, ISBN, copyright, information, news, broadcasting, notification, words, almanac, atlas, issue, disclosure, fact.

Usage examples for publication

  1. But the distinction seems to have been forgotten in the hundred odd years between the publication of Borde's book and Digby's. – The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened by Kenelm Digby
  2. The interest was greatly increased by the publication of Sir Charles Lyell's " Antiquity of Man." – A Manual of the Antiquity of Man by J. P. MacLean
  3. After the publication of the first two volumes of this work Landor was visited as a man of genius by Englishmen and Americans. – Stories of Authors, British and American by Edwin Watts Chubb