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Resources - 77 results
resource (noun)

revenue, capital, reserve, wherewithal, expedients, stock in trade, means.

means (verb)

collateral, products, bonds, money, riches, savings, income, natural resources.

Examples of usage:

His own resources were large and his credit upon a firm basis. - "Sages and Heroes of the American Revolution", L. Carroll Judson.

We have now his authority to say, that, as far as our resources were concerned, the experiment was equally without necessity. - "The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12)", Edmund Burke.

An enemy with evident resources of tremendous power, deadly, unknown rays that wiped out entire cities with a single brief sweep- and no defense save this single weapon, good but once a day! - "Invaders from the Infinite", John Wood Campbell.

Similar words:

resource, pecuniary resource, resourceful, resourceless, reserves, resurgent, resurrect, researcher, resonance, proton magnetic resonance.

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