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disclosure (noun)

broadcasting, testimony, expression, dissemination, revelation, announcement, disclosure, divulging, declaration, proclamation, advertisement, confession, exhibition, assertion.

news (noun)

flash, account, dispatch, release, notice, announcement, news, statement, message, report, bulletin, rumor, epistle, information, gossip.

Other synonyms:

interaction, networking, language, cross-fertilization, departure, intelligence, discussion, interchange, self-expression, rapport, chat, telling, hold, narration, mass transit, briefing, warning, dealings, note, words, description, notification, relation, presentation, speaking, connection, confabulation, telepathy, dialogue, prophecy, translation, link, spreading, touch, arrivals, public transport, advisement, intercourse, intercommunication, discourse, show, writing, correspondence, conveyance, parley, transmission, liaison, communion, letter, utterance, connect, communications, conference, conversation, word, concealment, excerpt, freight, delivery, speech, channel, turn of phrase, contact, advice, summary, knowledge, censorship, elucidation, articulation, public transportation, pronouncement, service, publication, publicity, mention, transfer, converse, journal, exposition, talk, colloquy, communicating, tidings.

Examples of usage:

Your letter crossed my communication to you of last week. - "The Light of Divine Guidance (Volume 1)", Shoghi Effendi.

I've had no communication whatever with a single soul. - "The Living Link", James De Mille.

No, monsieur, I have had no communication with M. de Mar since May- until to- night. - "Helmet of Navarre", Bertha Runkle.

Similar words:

speech communication, spoken communication, psychical communication, psychic communication, phatic communication, oral communication, paralinguistic communication, sports commentator, price competition, musical composition.

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