Synonyms for Calendar:


Muslim Calendar, Hindu calendar, church calendar, biannual, academic year, C, BC, BCE, Hebrew Calendar, ecclesiastical calendar, perpetual calendar, ordo, Jewish Calendar, Julian Calendar, datebook, system of reckoning Gregorian calendar, Chinese calendar, timeline, agenda, time, almanac, appointment book, program, Menology, B, French Revolutionary calendar, 00s. plot, tactic, preparation, planned, lineup, order of the day, conspiracy, timetable, strategy, planning, blueprint, agreement, arrangements, plan. blotter, audio book, baby book, address book. bible, atlas, anthology, bestseller, authority, blook. checklist, blue book, glossary, bibliography, blacklist, hot list, formula, hit list. almanac (noun)
yearbook, registry.
chronicle (noun)
log, newspaper, notebook, memo, epic, description, statement, chronicle, index, inventory, memorandum, history, anecdote, register, book, enumeration, yearbook, narrative, diary, daybook, account, docket, biography, Cashbook, catalog, Bank book, autobiography, recital, record, journal, album, archive, chronology, ledger, scrapbook, newsletter.
chronology (noun)
lineup (noun)
list (noun)
recount, repertory, file, workbook, tabulate, itemization, census, recording, bill, thesaurus, waybill, annual, dictionary, menu, table, Storybook, cash book, store, digest, manifest, documentation, lexicon, detail, sum, summary, score, logbook, registry, count, check, total, collection, roll, roster, pad, annals, scroll, blank-book, list, schedule, budget, novel, invoice, treasury, tally, tablet.
schedule of events (noun)
docket, list, diary, lineup, table, journal, program, Menology, logbook, register, agenda, daybook, time, log, record, timetable, almanac, chronology.

Other synonyms:

C, order of the day, appointment book, baby book, glossary, BCE, biannual, academic year, checklist, hit list, datebook, timetable, B, audio book, BC. program, bibliography, agenda, address book, blotter, hot list. lineup, blacklist. blue book. formula. Other relevant words:
atlas, almanac, 00s, authority, datebook, conspiracy, order of the day, timetable, tactic, planning, blueprint, checklist, bibliography, glossary, agreement, ecclesiastical calendar, blook, ordo, planned, preparation, C, plan, time, Menology, address book, plot, B, program, agenda, bible, bestseller, anthology, arrangements, formula, church calendar, strategy, blacklist, perpetual calendar, appointment book, biannual, blotter, timeline, lineup.

Usage examples for calendar

  1. This may be partly at least, in order that the official year may begin with the calendar year. – Studies in Civics by James T. McCleary
  2. The calendar can't measure America because we were meant to be an endless experiment in freedom- with no limit to our reaches, no boundaries to what we can do, no end point to our hopes. – State of the Union Addresses of Ronald Reagan by Ronald Reagan
  3. The astronomical calendar had announced a total eclipse of the moon on a certain night in July. – The Nameless Castle by Maurus Jókai