Synonyms for Correspondence:


interrelate, have something to do with something, conformity, be bound up/together, surround, correspond, similarity, link, bear on, equivalence, pertain to, do with, be associated with. contact, articulation, interaction, transmission, discourse, liaison, mail, communication, cross-fertilization, self-expression. packet, harmony, printed matter, agree, conformance, papers, chime, congruence, material, paperwork, accordance, rewrite, harmonization, pack, documentation, conformation, ephemera, congruity, keeping. analogy, affinity, resemblance, uniformness, likeness, same, similitude, alikeness, comparison, uniformity. agreement (noun)
likeness, resemblance, equivalence, congruence, harmony, congruity, analogy, symmetry, comparison, similarity, conformance, conformity.
communication by writing (noun)
post, writing, mail.
concurrence (noun)
correspondence (noun)
postcard, line, epistle, balance, mapping, acknowledgment, map, parallelism, agreement, letter, proportionateness, reply, symmetricalness, note, dispatch, answer, commensurateness, symmetry, post, message.
dictation (noun)
equality (noun)
equilibrium (noun)
letter (noun)
similarity (noun)
conformity, likeness, affinity.
uniformness (noun)
writing (noun)
transcription, typescript, portrayal, handwriting, notation, rewriting, ghostwriting, formulation, writing, literature, authorship, journalism, composition, calligraphy, recording.

Other synonyms:

resemblance, self-expression, cross-fertilization, congruence, harmonization, congruity, accordance, printed matter, alikeness, uniformness, communication, conformance. documentation, analogy, liaison, uniformity, interaction, paperwork, similarity, comparison, ephemera, similitude. articulation, rewrite, discourse, conformation. chime, transmission, keeping, harmony. contact, packet. material. pack. balance

Usage examples for correspondence

  1. Correspondence concerning editoral matters may be addressed to any of the general editors. – An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Taste, and of the Origin of our Ideas of Beauty, etc. by Frances Reynolds
  2. When I had read the correspondence we spoke again of Cristel. – The Guilty River by Wilkie Collins