Synonyms for Leeway:


autonomy, enfranchisement, release, emancipation, liberty, independence, autarky, free will. restraint, Elbowroom, place, latitude, play. attribute (noun)
margin, tolerance, allowance.
extent (noun)
field, area, acreage, room, scale, reach, dimension, range, plateau, length, extent, plane, space, scope, measure, span, volume, territory, region, stretch, zone, neighborhood.
freedom (noun)
leeway (noun)
margin, tolerance, allowance.
room (noun)
room, Elbowroom.
room to move, grow (noun)
margin, play, space, latitude, extent, scope.
space (noun)
slack, Elbowroom, latitude, play, headroom, breathing room, freedom, room to swing a cat, breathing space.

Other synonyms:

freedom. latitude. Other relevant words:
headroom, margin, freedom, play, Elbowroom, allowance, slack, liberty, latitude, tolerance, place.

Usage examples for leeway

  1. Irrigation gives more leeway to planting time in the West. – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick
  2. But the truth is that the tax reform proposals of the Commission on Money and Credit would give the President as much power and leeway to raise taxes as to lower them. – The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot