Synonyms for Liberty:


free will, enfranchisement, scope, autarky, deliverance. discourtesy, cheek, effrontery, insolence, rest, presumption, vulgarity, sass, nerve, leave, recreation. choice, alternative, selection, decision. birthright, right, franchise, democracy, Self Determination, opportunity, education, sovereignty, bail, autarchy, suffrage, self-government, life, enlightenment. manumission, free. autonomy (noun)
Self Determination, freedom.
dismissal (noun)
discharge, amnesty, privilege, exemption, concession, permission, pardon, waiver, exception, absolution, stay, excuse, dismissal, relief, immunity, license, freedom, reprieve, dispensation, release.
ease (noun)
familiarity (noun)
freedom (noun)
deliverance, exemption, rest, relaxation, sovereignty, self-government, right, permission, liberation, birthright, laxity, leave, decision, discharge, scope, latitude, Freeness, relief, franchise, enlightenment, dispensation, autonomy, privilege, suffrage, autarchy, democracy, immunity, license, manumission, opportunity, leisure, enfranchisement, emancipation, choice, release.
independence (noun)
leave (noun)
leisure (noun)
liberty (noun)
shore leave, indecorum, Familiarity, autonomy, impropriety.
mildness (noun)
geniality, easiness, insipidity, gentleness, kindness, libertarianism, permissiveness, forbearance, mildness, liberalness, lenience, latitude, amiability, quietness, open-mindedness, benevolence, moderation, softness, charity, cordiality, clemency, peaceableness, tolerance, laxity, meekness, tenderness, liberality, broad-mindedness, evenness, acceptance, moderateness, benignity.
self-government (noun)
unrestricted (noun)
free, unlimited, not confined.

Other synonyms:

free will, independency, manumission. self-government, autarky. sovereignty.

Usage examples for liberty

  1. He is at liberty to try again. – A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume II (of II) by Augustus de Morgan
  2. Yet should his son think proper to give her further alimentum, he was at liberty so to do. – Sidonia The Sorceress V1 by William Mienhold
  3. Making land alone For liberty – Toward the Gulf by Edgar Lee Masters