Synonyms for Territory:


conservation area, border, dry land, township, conservancy, enclosure, claim. protectorate, commonwealth, airspace, the borderland, belt, co, corridor, breadbasket, mandate. bleachers, the bench, boundary, bowl, court, baseline, alley, the box, crease, clay, Astroturf. dependency, specialty, politics, sphere, line, discipline. den, terrain, earth, lair, molehill, burrow, bedding, turf, nest, lodge, rabbit warren. world, bag, department, orbit, subject, arena, circle, scene. area (noun)
district, sector, domain, hectare, region, area, acre, zone, rood, patch, section.
domain, region (noun)
country, district, tract, boundary, neighborhood, province, nation, zone, terrain, belt, commonwealth, mandate, area, empire, land, state, township, extent, quarter, field, sphere, dominion, turf, colony, section, sector.
extent (noun)
extent, room, measure, reach, scale, dimension, stretch, length, space, range, span, leeway, volume, acreage, plateau, scope, neighborhood, field, plane.
geographical area (noun)
land (noun)
possession (noun)
empire, wealth, holding, kingdom, possession, effects, acquisition, worth, property, land, realm.
property (noun)
chattel, real estate, ground, ranch, realty, belongings, possessions, goods, title, principal, Resources, farm, fixtures, assets, manor, stock, inheritance, estate, legacy.
quarter (noun)
region (noun)
quarter, division, circuit, precinct, riding, shire, town, province, borough, lot, city, dukedom, municipality, canton, beat, county, tract, state, earldom, duchy, commonweal, country, parcel, colony, bailiwick, plot, nation, locality, place.
room (noun)
territory (noun)
dominion, territorial dominion, province, district.

Other synonyms:

arena, specialty, dependency, turf, department, boundary. belt, discipline, border, bag. orbit, sphere. scene, subject. circle. world. line. ground
Other relevant words:
subject, department, border, specialty, terrain, territorial dominion, turf, sphere, bag, earth, boundary, discipline, line, belt, arena, corridor, world, township, dominion, dependency, clay, commonwealth, orbit, circle, airspace, scene, mandate, dry land, protectorate.

Usage examples for territory

  1. Drunkenness in prohibition territory is like a black mark on a white page, a dirty spot on a clean dress; the same spot on a dirty dress would not be noticed. – In Times Like These by Nellie L. McClung
  2. On this account the tribe will not enter Phuljhar territory to this day, and say that it is death to a Bhaina to do so. – The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II by R. V. Russell
  3. And Sindhia took from Karowlee some territory didn't he? – Caste by W. A. Fraser