Synonyms for Volume:


acoustic, above, break up, audible, db, audio, amount, quantity, acoustics, decibel. allowance, amplification, block, accumulation, backlog, sound, allocation, balance, arithmetic. break, air pocket, words, elbow room, gap, footprint, distance, infinity, clearance, headroom. anthology, title, biography, atlas, autobiography, blook, authority, bestseller, opus, bible, almanac, annual. big. amount (noun)
book (noun)
folio, book, handbook, report, record, magazine, log, manual, novel, treatise, work, insert, booklet, leaflet, script, verse, compendium, catalog, chapter, chronicle, index, libretto, brochure, tract, textbook, serial, play book, monograph, publication, tome, list, pamphlet.
calculation (noun)
capacity, measure of capacity (noun)
extent, amount, size, dimensions, mass, bulk, quantity.
contents (noun)
extent (noun)
extent, measure, acreage, plane, span, reach, dimension, range, field, scope, area, stretch, room, territory, zone, neighborhood, region, scale, plateau, space, leeway, length.
loudness of a sound (noun)
intensity, amplification.
measure (noun)
room (noun)
size (noun)
bulk, size, largeness, amplitude, magnitude, Portliness, expanse, width, breadth, measurement, corpulence, proportion, bigness, greatness, height, chunkiness, capacity.
volume (noun)
centiliter, ounce, mass, teaspoon, tablespoon, milliliter, bulk, gallon, loudness, gill, peck, decaliter, pint, intensity, cord, liter, quart, cup, hogshead, barrel, finger, book, magnum, bushel.

Other synonyms:

amount. opus. title.

Usage examples for volume

  1. Give me volume three, and open it at page two hundred and one. – Montezuma's Daughter by H. Rider Haggard
  2. A full treatment of the subject would require a volume – Soil Culture by J. H. Walden
  3. I remember that box well, and every volume in it was perfect. – Richard Dare's Venture by Edward Stratemeyer