Synonyms for Dot:


bounce, copy in, attach, attachment, address, cross-post, ASCII art, blind copy, digital signature. cryptogram, code name, cryptography, code, cipher, dash, marks, CODED, pinpoint, break, alphanumeric, CAPTCHA. grain, top, trifle, scrap, big, insulate, Ort, bit, jot, fragment, smother, coat, molecule, ounce, particle, shred, minim, whit, dram, blanket, smidgen, wrap, scruple, recover, modicum, cover, iota, bury, crown, dab, drop, mite, tittle, crumb. dapple, mottle, patina, blaze, shading, stipple, bespeckle, speckle, band, pepper. fan out, spill over, permeate, pervade, sprawl, run. microcosm, miniature. blemish (noun)
distortion, deformity, sore, drawback, scab, discoloration, weal, disfigurement, eyesore, stigma, lesion, imperfection, wart, spoilage, abrasion, defacement, fault, impurity, rift, brand, blotch.
dot (noun)
scatter, constellate, disperse, stud, dit, point, dust, sprinkle.
mote (noun)
on the dot (noun)
scatter, stipple, mark, pepper, dab, stud, spot, sprinkle, speckle.
point (noun)
iota, tittle, jot, grain, droplet, mite, mote, polka dot, particle, dab, atom, pinpoint.
post (noun)
punctuation (noun)
bracket, bad break, apostrophe, brace, ampersand, bullet point, colon, comma, bullet.
shape (noun)
tiny mark, drop (noun)
iota, fleck, tittle, atom, mite, mote, grain, dab, speck, droplet, pinpoint, particle, spot, point, jot.


blemish (verb)
fleck, fracture, defect, disfigure, gash, notch, flaw, deform, pockmark, blister, damage, discolor, scratch, scar, spot, chip, stain, abrade, blot, score, tarnish, mar, splotch, check, kink, speck, hack, spoil, taint, mark, slit, blemish, deface, hurt, freckle, scrape, nick, scuff, distort.
make spot(s) (verb)
bespeckle, stipple, freckle, pepper, stud, sprinkle.

Other synonyms:

dapple, bit, cross-post, attach, minim, mottle, bounce, attachment, blind copy, bespeckle, digital signature, speckle, copy in, ASCII art, microcosm. ounce, modicum, Ort, iota, patina, pepper, molecule, jot, tittle, mite, shred, shading, whit, smidgen, particle. pinpoint, address, blaze, scruple, crumb, fragment, dram, scrap. grain. drop, trifle. band. dapple
polka dot.
dapple, mottle.
Other relevant words:
dab, bespeckle, CODED, microcosm, dust, particle, droplet, scruple, address, big, coat, insulate, break, disperse, minim, mote, drop, cover, modicum, mottle, mite, jot, stipple, comma, blanket, top, cryptogram, grain, blaze, permeate, alphanumeric, attach, smother, smidgen, scrap, ampersand, brace, scatter, miniature, dapple, bracket, ounce, point, sprawl, shred, bury, dram, code, fragment, iota, shading, tittle, cryptography, wrap, pervade, constellate, stud, run, bounce, CAPTCHA, patina, molecule, recover, colon, atom, apostrophe, crown, speckle, attachment, pepper, crumb, pinpoint, band, cross-post, dash, whit, cipher, bit, marks, bullet, Ort, trifle, sprinkle, dit.

Usage examples for dot

  1. " But they only come out at night," said Dot so we couldn't see them." – Five Little Friends by Sherred Willcox Adams Maud and Miska Petersham
  2. Robb's lip curled, and he made a blot over an " i" instead of a dot but he offered no comment. – A Canadian Bankclerk by J. P. Buschlen
  3. Dot means, Vat's de use of chanching 'ouses. – Tales of the Road by Charles N. Crewdson