Synonyms for Streak:


foible, predisposition, ridge, fault, strip, alter ego, incarnation, propensity, flaw, affectation, persona, endowment. cornrow, bolt, barbershop, ray, burst, beam, condition, comb out, thunderbolt, glint, crimp, braid, comb, blow-dry, backcomb, flare. patina, shading, swift, point, blaze, speedy, discoloration, rapid, dot, fast. whisker, intimation, charge, dash, be quick on your feet, hair, ghost, big, fly, shadow, breath, taste, semblance, trace, suspicion, hint, touch, dart, race, shade, suggestion, surge, hasten, whisper, whiff, speed, gallop, outpace, show, tinge. be, vein, runner, pound, bound, strain, jog. order, chain, draw, suite, sequence, round, mark out, imprint, outline, engrave, mark, train, succession, progression, carve, string, circle, Consecution, procession, series, course. variegate, marks. attribute (noun)
beam (noun)
ray, glint.
group (noun)
hint (noun)
ray of light (noun)
streak (noun)
stripe, blotch, run, mottle.
vein, line; small part (noun)
dash, ridge, beam, touch, intimation, smear, trace, ray, stripe, shade, suspicion, strain, suggestion, hint, strip.


dirty (verb)
defile, befoul, soil, dirty, stain, smear, smirch, besmirch, taint, contaminate, putrefy, pollute, muddy, sully, tarnish, smudge, foul.
make a line on (verb)
marble, fleck, dapple, striate, vein, variegate.
variegate (verb)
color, freckle, tessellate, striate, stripe, checker, fleck, check, marble, colorize, dapple.

Other synonyms:

vein, engrave. procession, whiff, Consecution, series, beam, whisker, carve, variegate, mark, mark out. progression, intimation, chain, semblance, succession, string. whisper, ghost, tinge, hair. sequence, outline, shadow, train, hint. trace, breath, imprint, circle. course. shade. order. draw. hotfoot
Other relevant words:
burst, braid, endowment, cornrow, Consecution, variegate, hint, carve, condition, trace, hasten, strip, incarnation, beam, discoloration, succession, ghost, dart, surge, run, string, procession, speedy, big, whiff, show, fly, predisposition, shade, speed, dash, shadow, chain, taste, crimp, blow-dry, race, jog, progression, rapid, round, strain, hair, affectation, series, runner, persona, gallop, pound, engrave, draw, sequence, bolt, glint, outpace, suite, imprint, blotch, ridge, course, circle, flare, swift, mark out, propensity, train, patina, ray, shading, be, point, touch, foible, breath, fast, bound, outline, whisker, thunderbolt, marks, flaw, mottle, mark, fault, blaze, intimation, dot, vein, order, barbershop, tinge, whisper, comb, suspicion, semblance, charge, backcomb, suggestion.

Usage examples for streak

  1. Sattell swore a blue streak when it was explained to him. – Operation Terror by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  2. It takes a moment's thinking to realise that the grey streak was once a road. – Letters from France by C. E. W. Bean