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Other synonyms:

schnook, thumping, nodule, palooka, clodpoll, hunch, ignoramus, ninnyhammer, foam, trouncing, oaf, puffiness, blob, excrescency, maniac, piece, dunderhead, reward, loggerhead, clown, protuberance, bundle, node, globe, pomposity, mome, intumescency, Neanderthal, due, egg, aneurysm, stupe, rout, nubble, bulge, dum-dum, block, nub, fool, chucklehead, punk, shellacking, dimwit, nit, dumbbell, cake, knob, banana split, carbuncle, class, convex, meathead, dummy, knot, testicle, prat, cretin, nugget, gander, lunkhead, klutz, comeuppance, landsman, tumor, lug, moron, woodenhead, testis, turkey, lamebrain, ganglion, glob, birdbrain, tough, dummkopf, porker, ratbag, tub, chowderhead, cluster, cuddy, thud, rank, thickhead, joker, dumb blond, jackass, hammerhead, yahoo, gob, lard-ass, fathead, bracket, loss, section, saphead, bollock, clump, half-wit, clustering, clot, noodle, dunce, growth, clodhopper, clod, hunk, trimming, ballock, guerdon, donkey, excrescence, ninny, cyst, lummox, lubber, deadhead, collocate, musket ball, know-nothing, chocolate, intumescence, nimrod, simpleton, toughie, yo-yo, nodal, pompousness, pretentiousness, bulk, dip, knucklehead, extrusion, portion, dolt, mutt, doofus, dullard, splashiness, grade, numpty, clunk, fatso, goof, sort, nut, loon, cloud, mug, lout, idiot, licking, swelling, dumbhead, convolution, dork, recompense, formal, fog, billow, schlub, cluck, strong-armer, irregularity, bubblehead, imbecile, dodo, mass, clot, airhead, gobbet, nitwit, ability, classify, numskull, noddy, gawk, Christmas pudding, carob, dollop, fibre, wage, hulk, golem, stumblebum, prominence, inflation, stupid, pinhead, blur, chunk, orb, hood, meatball, dim bulb, overthrow, drubbing, angelica, hank, part, bonehead, whipping, apple pie, plastering, fiber, caramel, froth, choc-ice, dope, hump, gibbousness, agglomeration, group, protrusion, categorize, stock, blockhead, thump, ball, neoplasm, ostentation, nincompoop, jut, natural, characterize, goon, thug, part, beating, ostentatiousness, brown sugar, gibbosity, bunch, hardhead, ox, orchis, hoodlum, bump, wad, desert, fatty, landlubber.

Examples of usage:

" You'll get a big lump for it," said Kylis. - "The Second String", Nat Gould.

You don't want to spend it all in a lump, do you? - "Brewster's Millions", George Barr McCutcheon.

I am determined not to lie like a dead lump. - "Letters of John Keats to His Family and Friends", John Keats.

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