Synonyms for Bleach:


foam, cleanser, cleaner, air freshener, disinfectant, borax, abrasive, dishwashing liquid, French Polish. blanch (noun)
lighten, wash out, achromatize, fade, etiolate.
bleach (noun)
discolorise, bleaching agent, bleach out, blanching agent, discolourise, decolourize, whitener, discolorize, decolourise, decolorize, decolorise, decolour, decolor.


change (verb)
discolorise, decolour, decolorise, decolourize, bleach out, decolorize, discolourise, decolor, discolorize, decolourise.
whiten (verb)
lighten, decolorize, achromatize, etiolate, decolor, fade, wash out.

Other synonyms:

redden, disinfectant, foam, cleaner, fade, French Polish, etiolate, borax, respray, dishwashing liquid, air freshener. abrasive, lighten. pale. gray. change. cleansing agent

Usage examples for bleach

  1. I plucked a scrap of verse out of my mind: On the Plains of Hesitation Bleach the bones of countless millions Who, when victory was dawning Sat down to rest And resting, died. – Attrition by Jim Wannamaker
  2. Finally, turning her charge over to the primary girls with a couple of towels and directions to rub her dry and leave her in the sun to bleach Lloyd led the way to the swing, where they sat laughing and joking over Magnolia's accident until the bell rang again. – The Little Colonel at Boarding-School by Annie Fellows Johnston