Synonyms for Administer:


critical-path method, administrative, ADMIN, CSR, chairmanship, adventurism, administration (of an estate), crisis management. bring in, supply, proffer, disburse, impose, minister to, measure out, give, determine, regulate, watch over, furnish, authorize, offer, look after. go on, drug, dose, strike, inflict, study at, deliver, come off, drug up. run, punish, penalize, make an example of someone, hand down, teach someone a lesson, over, head, take the law into your own hands. apply. administer (noun)
dispense, dish out, administrate, parcel out, shell out, dole out, deal, deal out, mete out, lot, distribute, allot.


control (verb)
harness, steer, bridle, oversee, superintend, direct, supervise, command, control, preside, execute, pilot, dominate, discipline, rule, manage, govern, lead, order.
direct (verb)
conduct, boss, master, lord.
dispense something needed (verb)
furnish, apply, authorize, measure out, mete out, dole out, impose, deliver, proffer, deal, regulate, offer, supply, give, inflict, disburse, distribute.
manage an organization or effort (verb)
execute, direct, administrate, superintend, supervise, head, conduct, control, run, oversee, govern, boss.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

punish, ADMIN, drug up, chairmanship, inflict, hand down, CSR, crisis management, come off, adventurism, critical-path method, administration (of an estate), penalize, administrative. dose, drug, apply. go on. give. deliver. run. give
parcel out.

Usage examples for administer

  1. That she was in the lowest depth of distress was evident enough, and it behoved him to administer to her immediate wants before he left her; but what could he do for one who seemed to be so indifferent to herself? – Castle Richmond by Anthony Trollope
  2. The more he considered the cruelty of his squire, the more enraged he became; and at last he decided that the only thing for him to do was to strip Sancho and administer the beating himself. – The Story of Don Quixote by Arvid Paulson, Clayton Edwards, and Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra