Synonyms for Scar:


take its toll. black eye, blackhead, bedsore, boil, athlete's foot, abscess. harm, disable, strain, cut, injure. breakage, bruise, burnout, burn, break, blight. fixated, complex, catharsis, defense mechanism, conditioning, exorcism, delusion, fixation, defense. attribute (noun)
scrape, scratch, mark.
blemish (noun)
eyesore, fault, chip, distortion, discoloration, abrasion, disfigurement, spot, impurity, rift, bruise, pock, lesion, drawback, defacement, freckle, stigma, taint, spoilage, wart, speck, stain, brand, deformity, scab, blackhead, imperfection, weal, blotch, tarnish, sore, blot.
cicatrix (noun)
wound, cat-face, injury.
defect (noun)
drawback, injury, rift, kink, check, break.
deformity (noun)
injury (noun)
abrasion, fracture, nick, sore, gash, lesion, burn.
pock (noun)
scar (noun)
flaw, cicatrix, scratch, pock, disfigurement, cicatrice, pockmark, scab, pit, hurt, blister, discoloration, scrape, wound, defect, mark.
shame (noun)


blemish (verb)
fracture, mark, splotch, score, check, blot, distort, discolor, blemish, damage, harm, deface, mar, speck, nick, pockmark, disfigure, notch, abrade, spoil, dot, scrape, fleck, spot, slit, blister, gash, deform, freckle, hurt, stain, kink, hack, flaw, tarnish, defect, taint, scuff, scratch, chip.
disfigure (verb)
scar (verb)
mar, damage, scratch, blemish, score, cut, brand, deface, injure, disfigure.

Other synonyms:

injury. blemish
Other relevant words:
cicatrix, wound, cicatrice, blight, bruise, burn, cut, injury, pit, blackhead, injure, pock, harm.

Usage examples for scar

  1. And last and hardest to tell, in her forehead must be made a ragged scar like that Arisuga got at Pekin- the one which had brought him to her. – The Way of the Gods by John Luther Long
  2. A woeful scar across his cheek reddened against the white skin. – Blister Jones by John Taintor Foote
  3. We know all about that scar on your forehead, and how you got it. – The Shrieking Pit by Arthur J. Rees