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blacken (verb)

darken, blacken, obscure, eclipse.

Other synonyms:

penumbra, eyebrow pencil, baby blues, adumbration, shade off, trace, spatter, suggestion, candlelight, tincture, smell, gloom, backbench, ray, shadower, nip, eidolon, empennage, tracing, dash, buttocks, whisper, phantom, semidarkness, derriere, splash, quarter, scruple, the Commons, extinguish, gloaming, arse, ass, poop, can, nates, conjunctiva, darkness, absorb, speck, hint, prat, phantasma, rear, tail end, taste, ounce, obscuration, snap, haunt, mite, fill in, spark, big, whiff, nighttime, fag end, rear end, watcher, master, shred, hindquarters, semblance, investigate, tinge, peanuts, black, buns, posterior, the Budget, bindi, fanny, train, revenant, develop, track, hant, keister, iniquity, benches, greasepaint, hind end, wickedness, wraith, visitant, streak, stern, the House, backside, pall, blush, shade, bum, breath, bogeyman, suspicion, spot, retrain, dog, spectre, tint, skosh, materialization, follow around, blusher, follow, supernatural, hair, aqueous humor, familiar spirit, scintilla, intimation, tooshie, agent, swarthiness, dwarf, dispatch box, tush, hound, lick, eyeball, sprite, behind, dark, vision, bogle, driblet, cut out, eyelash, cornea, tad, foundation, whisker, face powder, compact, strain, the House of Commons, glimmer, tail assembly, little, echo, shadiness, butt, dusk, learn, the House of Lords, smack, dusk, keep up, stalk, filibuster, seat, relic, choroid, trail, ace, show, dram, apparition, block out, acquire, sprinkling, dominate, ciliary muscle, tail, bottom, umbrage, fundament, stick to, smidgen, pick up, shadows, umbra, crumb, touch, acquaint yourself with something, vestige, dab, overshadow, poltergeist, murk, tone, soup├žon, bogey, fantasm, after part, eyebrow, eye, rump, spook, night, light, eyeliner, bit, eye shadow.

Examples of usage:

" Oh, father," cried his daughter when, after doing his evening work, he entered with the shadow of his thoughts still upon his face-" oh, father, mother says I can choose my birthday present!" - "Taken Alive", E. P. Roe.

There's not a shadow of doubt." - "Growth of the Soil", Knut Hamsun.

From the shadow of the step into the mess hall, he used his command voice to get safe passage. - "Take the Reason Prisoner", John Joseph McGuire.

Similar words:

shadblow, shaded, shades, shallow, Shalom Asch, shallow-draft, shallow-draught, shako, shade, shade off.

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