Synonyms for Cancel:


action. cancel (noun)
delete, natural, offset, call off, strike down, invalidate.
cancel out (noun)
counteract, offset, counterbalance, neutralize, compensate, balance, nullify.
communication (noun)


annul (verb)
annul, neutralize, Disaffirm, abolish, eliminate, repudiate, deny, refute, disavow, efface, revoke, delete, dissolve, negate, retract, invalidate, undo, withdraw, divorce, nullify, abnegate, veto, destroy, obliterate, eradicate, extinguish.
call off; erase (verb)
deface, black out, annul, efface, cut, squash, delete, omit, revoke, repudiate, destroy, wipe out, abolish, strike out, rub out, eliminate, cross out, expunge, abort, eradicate, obliterate, countermand, wash out, undo.
compensate (verb)
correct, counteract, counterbalance, balance, adjust, set, tune, square, compensate, offset.
equal out (verb)
call off, invalidate, counterpoise, discard, negate, ignore, overthrow, retract, recall, counterbalance, neutralize, recant, vacate, refute, rule out, counteract, offset, suppress, nullify.
negate (verb)
disprove, dispute, Counterwork, contradict, check, reverse, invert, overturn.
obliterate (verb)
cut, annihilate, censor, erase, expurgate, edit, strike, expunge, omit.
rid (verb)
jettison, vacate, forgo, shed, discard, capitulate, forsake, let go, drop, leave, release, reject, part with, dispel, surrender, dismiss, renounce, waive, rid, dispose, abandon, disclaim, relinquish, relegate, vent, desert, abdicate, disown.
stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

assignment, blank out, deface, assign, blind trust, bail. cancellation, abort, attest, alienation. wipe out, alienate, rub out, black out. cause, strike out, blot. wipe. set-aside. cross. counteract
get rid of
strike down.

Usage examples for cancel

  1. With the result that he has decided to cancel Mr. Bickersteth's monthly allowance, on the ground that, as Mr. Bickersteth is doing so well on his own account, he no longer requires pecuniary assistance. – My Man Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse
  2. The first use that Hawthorne made of his government salary was to cancel his obligations to the Concord tradespeople, and the next was to provide a home for his wife and mother. – The Life and Genius of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Frank Preston Stearns