Synonyms for Flaw:


affectation, propensity, incarnation, foible, predisposition, persona, alter ego, endowment. beautiful, burnout, bug, bruise, help, burn, better, breakage. mix up, misapprehension. abnormality (noun)
aberration, irregularity, deformity.
blemish (noun)
drawback, stigma, sore, scab, blotch, imperfection, disfigurement, spoilage, brand, defacement, discoloration, rift, deformity, weal, eyesore, abrasion, wart, impurity, lesion.
bug (noun)
defect (noun)
rift, discoloration, study at defect, taint, mark, deficiency, blotch, scar, scratch, check, blot, mistake, kink, drawback.
deformity (noun)
corruption, perversity, irregularity, contortion, lopsidedness, crookedness, asymmetry, bend, freakishness.
disadvantage(s) (noun)
inadequacy, imperfection.
error (noun)
gaffe, misestimation, slip, falsity, blunder, error, oversight, fault, miscalculation, misconstruction, misprint, distortion, falsehood, Misjudgment, misconception, defect, untruth, aberration, mistake, inaccuracy, fallacy, misapprehension, typo.
flaw (noun)
fault, foible, blemish, bug, spot, wart, stain, typo, speck, disfigurement, defect.
imperfection (noun)
deficiency, incompleteness, inadequacy.
state (noun)
fault, defect.
wrongness (noun)
faultiness, wrongness, perversion, falsity, untruth, illegality, badness, fallaciousness, incorrectness.


blemish (verb)
splotch, blemish, deform, mark, blister, spoil, disfigure, tarnish, damage, fleck, scratch, scar, score, freckle, mar, hack, gash, deface, taint, spot, dot, blot, stain, kink, slit, pockmark, discolor, hurt, chip, distort, scrape, speck, fracture, abrade, nick, scuff, notch, check.
change (verb)
deform (verb)
damage, spoil, deface, mar.

Other synonyms:

foible, persona, misapprehension, affectation, endowment, propensity. alter ego, mix up, bug, incarnation. Other relevant words:
breakage, beautiful, foible, endowment, incarnation, burnout, bug, burn, affectation, predisposition, persona, misapprehension, propensity, help, better, bruise.

Usage examples for flaw

  1. Such a flaw will present a similar appearance to that shown at F, Fig. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  2. In February she was arrested; but the first indictment failed through a flaw in the verdict. – Life and Character of Richard Carlile by George Jacob Holyoake
  3. After a pause he continued: I noticed that flaw on the first day. – The Eight Strokes of the Clock by Maurice Le Blanc