Synonyms for Just:


accurate, precise (adjective)
cogent, correct, proper, well-founded, well-grounded.
fair, impartial (adjective)
dispassionate, due, equitable, evenhanded, fair-minded, good, honorable, lawful, nonpartisan, objective, right, righteous, rightful, unbiased, upright, virtuous.
just (adjective)
due, equable, equitable, fair, good, honorable, lawful, right, square, even-handed.
nonpartisan (adjective)
independent, nonpartisan.
reputable (adjective)
rightful (adjective)
square (adjective)
suitable (adjective)
proper, appropriate.
suitable, appropriate (adjective)
deserved, fit, fitting, legitimate, meet, merited.


definitely (adverb)
accurately, exactly, perfectly, precisely, square.
merely (adverb)
but, only, simply.
newly (adverb)
only now (adverb)
almost, barely, hardly, just now, lately, nearly, now, presently, recently, scarce, scarcely.


a little (adverb)
completely (adverb)
merely (adverb)
precisely (adverb)
accurately, correctly, perfectly.


accepted, independent, legitimate, natural. actively, actual, any, awful, awfully, bloody, e'en, e'er, even, now, presently. all but, almost, nearly, practically, quite, really, very, well-nigh. close, disinterested, dispassionate, imminent, impartial, indifferent, nonpartisan, objective, shortly, soon, unbiased, unprejudiced, around the corner, any day/moment etc. now, at the earliest/first opportunity, in no time (at all), in the short run/term. anyway, appropriate, deserved, fit, how, keep, kindly, merited, proper, suitable, do with, what's gotten into someone?, what (has) happened to something, what has/will become of, where has someone/something gotten to?. back, cogent, evenly, onward, otherwise, reason, solid, somehow, someway, tight, together, valid, well-founded, well-grounded. correct, high-minded, irreproachable. carry, disciplinary, exemplary, lenient, light, mild, penal. freshly, latterly, newly, recent, only just, the other day. fair (noun)
impartial, righteous.
hardly (noun)
barely, scarcely.
just (noun)
antimonopoly, antitrust, barely, but, clean, conscionable, equitable, evenhanded, exactly, fair, fair-and-square, fair-minded, fitting, good, hardly, just now, meet, merely, only, precisely, retributive, retributory, rightful, scarce, scarcely, simply, sporting, sportsmanlike, upright, virtuous.
only (noun)
merely, only, simply.
precisely (noun)
accurately, exactly, precisely.
recently (noun)
lately, recently.
very (noun)
really, simply, very.

Other synonyms:

accepted, disciplinary, evenly, high-minded, how, latterly, otherwise, penal, presently, recent, somehow, someway, soon. disinterested, exemplary, impartial, independent, indifferent, legitimate, lenient, merited, natural, newly, onward, recently, shortly, unbiased, valid, well-grounded, do with. cogent, dispassionate, kindly, perfectly, quite, well-founded. appropriate, solid. keep, objective, together. anyway, correct. tight. close. back. light. carry. merited
Other relevant words:
accurately, almost, antimonopoly, antitrust, appropriate, awfully, back, barely, but, clean, close, cogent, conscionable, correct, correctly, deserved, disinterested, dispassionate, even, evenhanded, evenly, exactly, exemplary, fair-and-square, fair-minded, fit, fitting, freshly, hardly, high-minded, how, impartial, indifferent, irreproachable, just now, keep, kindly, lately, latterly, legitimate, lenient, meet, merely, merited, nearly, newly, nonpartisan, now, objective, only, onward, otherwise, perfectly, precisely, presently, proper, quite, really, recent, recently, retributive, retributory, righteous, rightful, scarce, scarcely, shortly, simply, solid, somehow, soon, sporting, sportsmanlike, suitable, tight, together, unbiased, unprejudiced, upright, valid, very, virtuous, well-founded, well-grounded, only just.

Usage examples for just

  1. You must do just as I say. – The Major by Ralph Connor
  2. That was just what they were there for. – The Go Ahead Boys and Simon's Mine by Ross Kay
  3. " I feel just as you do about it, Mary," her sister said. – The Lights and Shadows of Real Life by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English