Synonyms for Extra:


accessory; excess (adjective)
over and above, unnecessary, ancillary, in addition, spare, reserve, surplus, one more, supplemental, supernumerary, unneeded, added, superfluous, plus, supplementary, auxiliary, special, more, extraordinary, redundant, unused, fresh, new, other, beyond, additional, further, another.
accompanying (adjective)
adjoining, along with, Adorning, in addition to, auxiliary, secondary, affixed, supplemental, attached, besides, companion, additional, ornamental.
additional (adjective)
also, more, extraordinary, unused, beyond, backup, further, fresh, plus, in addition, supplementary, one more, reserve, new, over and above, another, increased.
all (adjective)
attached (adjective)
bound, Hitched, augmented, married, added, affixed, joined, accompanied, subscripted, attached, Annexed, connected, additional, extended, merged, Suffixed, related, embellished, Spliced, Prefixed.
supererogatory (adjective)
superfluous (adjective)
de trop.
supplementary (adjective)
supplementary, auxiliary.


particularly (adverb)
exceptionally, extremely.


consumer goods, goods, bundle, offering, merchandise, come-on, product, loss leader, acquisition, wares. as well, too, together with something, de trop. goodie, new, bit part, fresh, alias, good guy, credit, bad guy, baddy, further, cameo, more, chorus, increase. brochure, bulletin, biweekly, compact, comic book, broadsheet, back copy, comic, back-number, back issue. immensely, thoroughly, really, well, deeply, a lot, particularly, indeed. accessory (noun)
adjunct, addition, appendage, extension, attachment, addendum, appurtenance.
accompaniment (noun)
appendix, attachment, appendage, consort, appurtenance, extension, accompaniment, adornment, companion, addition, garnish, ornament, secondary, addendum, fixture, brother.
assistant (noun)
functionary, Aider, patsy, proxy, lieutenant, helpmate, benefactor, helper, underling, employee, backer, accomplice, partner, flunky, henchman, laborer, stooge, aide, ancillary, minion, subordinate, attorney, agent, acolyte, follower, aide-de-camp, assistant, attendant, servant, hireling, auxiliary, menial, chaperone, abettor, associate, accessory, adjunct, junior, second, deputy.
extra (noun)
redundant, spear carrier, other, superfluous, spare, supernumerary, added, excess, supererogatory, duplicate, unnecessary, unneeded, unscheduled, additional, surplus, special.
person (noun)
spear carrier, supernumerary.

Other synonyms:

Discounted, plus, also, de trop, all in, extraordinary, cameo, all-inclusive, baddy, dreadfully, bad guy, half-price, bit part, good guy. eminently, highly, greatly, notably, chargeable, alias, extremely, exceedingly. awfully, exceptionally, inclusive, chorus. fancy. mighty, very, credit. good. in addition
surplus, unused.
Other relevant words:
deeply, extremely, too, mighty, chargeable, as well, alias, greatly, big, surplus, baddy, chorus, further, increase, immensely, cameo, backup, unused, compact, Discounted, also, de trop, another, indeed, goods, one more, spear carrier, comic, credit, all-inclusive, other, fancy, excess, offering, more, duplicate, all in, bundle, supernumerary, in addition, goodie, good, dreadfully, particularly, product, plus, reserve, beyond, acquisition, bulletin, spare, unnecessary, redundant, inclusive, eminently, brochure, highly, awfully, over and above, awful, very, new, thoroughly, exceptionally, wares, supererogatory, unneeded, bit part, broadsheet, really, fresh, merchandise, well, special, extraordinary, biweekly, supplementary, unscheduled, exceedingly, notably, increased, most, superfluous.

Usage examples for extra

  1. Even though he should be present in the kitchen he would not be likely to take notice of any extra preparations. – The Wonder Island Boys: Exploring the Island by Roger Thompson Finlay
  2. I'm afraid you're mistaken about one point, but I have an extra reason for doing the best I can. – The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest by Harold Bindloss