Synonyms for Difficulty:


hump, slough, scrape, inconvenience, joker, challenge, quicksand, rigor, cul de sac, stumbling block, setback, assistance, nuisance, embarrassment, barricade, snag, hitch, dead-end, crimp, aid, emergency, vicissitude, quagmire, squeeze, disadvantage, issue, hot water, maze, pinch, trials and tribulations, poser, check, frustration, toughie, blind alley, bind, paradox, impasse, hazard, corner, entanglement, deep water, struggle, standstill, catch, rub, crisis, baggage, swamp, labyrinth, can of worms, pass, disturbance, knot, hang up, muddle, mess, deadlock. harassment, responsibility, charge, headache, ease, stress, oppression, discouragement, pressure, millstone, irritation, aggravation, exigency, annoyance, stew, depression, to-do, strain, pain, care, grievance, anxiety, strife, ado, weight, comfort. rigorousness. under a handicap, having a hard time, having a bad time. easy, asperity. hot spot, box, spot, soup, dutch. war, contention, faction, schism, disaccord, discord, dissentience, dissent, dissidence, variance, friction, conflict, Inharmony, confrontation, difference, dissonance, warfare, dissension, discordance, clash. word, spat, argument, polemic, tangle, bicker, disagreement, altercation, run-in, quarrel, debate, wrangle, rhubarb, controversy, squabble, dispute, fight, tiff. act (noun)
adversity (noun)
distress, hard times, catastrophe, misfortune, woe, mishap, adversity, tragedy, grief, trouble, hard luck, bad luck, destitution, agony, poorness, rainy day, dolor, trial, infliction, misery, contretemps, calamity, poverty, affliction, burden, bane, peril, ordeal, misadventure, hardship, curse, blight, torment, disaster, tribulation, casualty.
aggravation (noun)
argument (noun)
dispute, controversy, quarrel, squabble, altercation, fight.
complexity (noun)
intricacy, Cabalism, subtlety, entanglement, mystery, complexity, convolution, abstruseness, obscurity, puzzle.
crisis (noun)
difficulty (noun)
onerousness, trickiness, difficultness, oppressiveness, harshness, cantankerousness, strenuousness, hardness, toughness, severity, roughness, complication, knottiness, contrariness, trouble, fussiness, ticklishness, wearying, tightness, cumbersomeness, muddle, corner, stressfulness, arduousness, wearisomeness, formidability.
disagreement (noun)
disappointment (noun)
setback, frustration.
hang-up (noun)
hang up.
hindrance (noun)
stumbling block, setback.
mental burden (noun)
aggravation, vicissitude, responsibility, jam, annoyance, setback, irritation, strife, to-do, care, oppression, puzzle, pinch, pressure, grievance, inconvenience, discouragement, harassment, maze, depression, millstone, ado, embarrassment, weight, misery, anxiety, charge, stress.
millstone (noun)
objection (noun)
objection, demur, unwillingness, reluctance, flak.
pitfall (noun)
predicament (noun)
perplexity, predicament, dilemma, plight, quandary, pickle, fix, problem, jam.
problem; situation requiring great effort (noun)
strenuousness, perplexity, adversity, dilemma, scrape, quandary, stumbling block, deadlock, frustration, complication, impasse, exigency, emergency, distress, pain, muddle, trouble, arduousness, hardship, hazard, fix, predicament, crisis, paradox, snag, pickle, stew, struggle, check, barricade, misfortune, mess, hot water, deep water, tribulation, knot, strain, quagmire, hitch.

Other synonyms:

nuisance, stumbling block, dissentience, deep water, toughie, dutch, snag, exigency, fight, rhubarb, discordance, hot spot, run-in, Inharmony. dissidence, box, debate, quagmire, polemic, headache, friction, millstone, dissonance, challenge, quarrel, dissension, controversy, baggage, hitch, disadvantage, soup, disturbance, annoyance, tiff, rub, hot water, strain, altercation, aggravation. disagreement, spat, care, schism, variance, issue, contention, strife, disaccord. discord, wrangle, warfare, confrontation, faction, catch, conflict, argument, scrape, war. spot, dispute. bind. difference. word. accident
hang up.
Other relevant words:
challenge, rub, charge, oppression, squeeze, comfort, maze, irritation, to-do, can of worms, rhubarb, stress, emergency, fight, demur, bind, dispute, stew, reluctance, crimp, barricade, spot, assistance, embarrassment, baggage, controversy, argument, snag, grievance, joker, clash, setback, frustration, exigency, hazard, annoyance, poser, scrape, vicissitude, word, polemic, variance, strife, headache, dutch, faction, discouragement, dissonance, muddle, Inharmony, altercation, difference, toughie, soup, pressure, dissentience, pinch, squabble, confrontation, disadvantage, issue, harassment, cul de sac, paradox, standstill, spat, struggle, hot spot, entanglement, friction, disturbance, dissension, impasse, labyrinth, corner, conflict, unwillingness, care, ado, asperity, dissent, quicksand, catch, stumbling block, tangle, objection, war, disagreement, tiff, weight, schism, wrangle, easy, check, pass, warfare, discordance, pain, swamp, difficultness, bicker, discord, depression, inconvenience, deadlock, aggravation, contention, flak, anxiety, run-in, disaccord, strain, box, dissidence, hitch, rigor, hot water, rigorousness, millstone, hump, knot, quagmire, mess, slough, nuisance, responsibility, crisis, debate, quarrel, ease.

Usage examples for difficulty

  1. Clearing's my only difficulty – Foe-Farrell by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch