Synonyms for Deformed:


all (adjective)
ill-shapen, misshapen, distorted, malformed.
blemished (adjective)
defaced, distorted, marked, discolored, damaged, blemished, imperfect, notched, slit, cracked, abraded, disfigured, defective, Scabbed, stained, freckled, Nicked, blistered, spotted, scarred, splotched, fractured, Hacked, gashed, chipped, impure, flawed, spoiled, pockmarked, tarnished, scratched, flecked, marred, Scored, blotched, Scuffed, scraped, tainted, specked.
chaotic (adjective)
discomposed, lax, disconnected, disordered, cluttered, amorphous, jumbled, formless, lawless, embroiled, disheveled, undisciplined, tempestuous, incoherent, deranged, irregular, inexact, unruly, out of control, muddled, frenzied, loose, obscure, uneven, disorganized, inconsistent, indefinite, fuzzy, blurry, shapeless, chaotic, inchoate, insane, rambunctious, disarrayed, messy, frantic, wild, perturbed, confused, Disintegrated, indistinct, disorderly, anarchical, tumultuous, anarchistic.
crooked (adjective)
deformed (adjective)
bent, distorted, irregular, perverse, lopsided, crooked, freakish, misshapen, disfigured, contorted, corrupt, flawed, asymmetrical, cockeyed, awry.
disabled (adjective)
disfigured, distorted (adjective)
disjointed, awry, curved, hunchbacked, askew, damaged, bent, warped, maimed, humpbacked, grotesque, contorted, misproportioned, misshapen, gnarled, irregular, blemished, crooked, scarred, marred, bowed, twisted, cramped, malformed, ugly, crippled, ill-made, mangled.
malformed (adjective)
misinterpreted (adjective)
misrepresented, garbled, confused, misinterpreted, misquoted, misunderstood, mistaken, distorted, twisted, misread.
shapeless (adjective)


concentric, closed, chunky, clean, aerodynamic, angular, bulbous, concave. deformed (noun)
distorted, unshapely, misshapen, ill-shapen, malformed.
distorted (noun)
crushed, pigeon-toed, disjointed, unnatural in form, bowlegged, humpbacked, cramped, lame, disabled, bowed, ill-favored, bandylegged, curved, ugly, ill-proportioned, clubfooted, un, knock-kneed, Dwarfed, lordotic, gnarled, misproportioned, ill-made, Sway-backed, crippled, grotesque, MLY, hunchbacked, Misconceived, splayfooted, askew, maimed.


blemished (verb)
dotted, slitted, Blotted, Kinked, defected, hurt, checked.
deformed (verb)
misinterpreted (verb)
perverted (verb)
debased, vitiated, Abased, seduced, distorted, depraved, desecrated, perverted, twisted, degraded, demoralized, warped, adulterated, debauched, corrupted.

Other synonyms:

crippled, lame. grotesque. bandy-legged
Other relevant words:
closed, curved, grotesque, splayfooted, ill-favored, ill-shapen, clean, pigeon-toed, concave, humpbacked, concentric, crushed, Misconceived, bandylegged, askew, knock-kneed, bowlegged, un, chunky, Sway-backed, aerodynamic, misproportioned, disjointed, lame, unshapely, bowed, cramped, maimed, ill-proportioned, disabled, bulbous, malformed, crippled, hunchbacked, Dwarfed, lordotic, ugly, clubfooted, MLY, ill-made, angular, gnarled.

Usage examples for deformed

  1. He wanders about seeking beauty that he may beget offspring- for in deformity he will beget nothing- and naturally embraces the beautiful rather than the deformed body; above all when he finds a fair and noble and well- nurtured soul, he embraces the two in one person, and to such an one he is full of speech about virtue and the nature and pursuits of a good man; and he tries to educate him; and at the touch of the beautiful which is ever present to his memory, even when absent, he brings forth that which he had conceived long before, and in company with him tends that which he brings forth; and they are married by a far nearer tie and have a closer friendship than those who beget mortal children, for the children who are their common offspring are fairer and more immortal. – A Short History of Greek Philosophy by John Marshall
  2. Hence do we find in daily life so many instances of men who are well- informed in intellect, but utterly deformed in character; filled with the learning of the schools, yet possessing little practical wisdom, and offering examples for warning rather than imitation. – Self Help by Samuel Smiles
  3. It is now not only the sick and infirm in body that are cared for; but I am told there has been a man in England who has taken such pity on those who are sick and deformed in soul as to have explored the most loathsome of European prisons in their behalf. – The Hour and the Man An Historical Romance by Harriet Martineau