Synonyms for Desecrated:


misused (adjective)
ill-used, despoiled, degraded, defiled, debauched, misused, ill-treated, abused, maltreated, violated, debased.


desecrated (noun)
deconsecrated, violated, profaned.


misused (verb)
degraded, debauched, violated, debased, misused, ill-treated, defiled, abused, despoiled, ill-used, maltreated.
perverted (verb)
degraded, distorted, demoralized, debauched, perverted, adulterated, warped, vitiated, corrupted, deformed, twisted, Abased, depraved, seduced, debased.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
profaned, deconsecrated.

Usage examples for desecrated

  1. The venerable Judge Monroe, who had presided over the United States District Court for more than a generation, driven from the land of his birth, the State he had served so long and so well, with feeble step, but upright conscience and indomitable will, sought a resting place among those who did not regard it a crime to adhere to the principles of 1776 and of 1787, and the declaratory affirmation of them in the resolutions of 1793- '99. About the same time others of great worth and distinction, impelled by the feeling that " where liberty is there is my country," left the land desecrated by despotic usurpation, to join the Confederacy in its struggle to maintain the personal and political liberties which the men of the Revolution had left as an inheritance to their posterity. – The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, Vol. 1 (of 2) by Jefferson Davis