Synonyms for Crying:


critical (adjective)
crying (adjective)
howling, calling, moaning, sobbing, yelling, Whooping, shrieking, screaming, groaning, clamoring, growling, bawling, cheering, exclaiming, shouting, hollering.
demanding attention (adjective)
crucial, urgent, pressing.
important (adjective)
lamenting (adjective)
lamenting, weeping, clamoring, moaning, whining, wailing, groaning, sobbing, Sighing, Bewailing, sniffling, mourning, Ululating, snuffling, Whimpering, Bemoaning, grieving.
ululating (adjective)
bellowing, Gobbling, chattering, Braying, howling, Barking, grunting, calling, Mooing, snorting, Neighing, crowing, Ululating, Mewing, growling, Warbling, trilling, Quacking, meowing, Bleating, squealing, honking, yelping, Squawking, Chirping, Purring, Clucking, Baying, cooing, Hooting, Whinnying, roaring, Cackling, bawling, Twitting, Snarling, Cawing.
weeping (adjective)
mourning, tearful, sobbing.


crucial, urgent, pressing. big, burning, emergent, imperative, dire. act (noun)
cry (noun)
weeping (noun)


crying (verb)
sobbing, howling, yelling, Whooping, groaning, growling, exclaiming, cheering, shouting, moaning, shrieking, hollering, bawling, screaming, clamoring, calling.
lamenting (verb)
wailing, sobbing, Whimpering, Bewailing, sniffling, Decrying, groaning, grieving, Sighing, Bemoaning, lamenting, weeping, moaning, clamoring, snuffling, Ululating, mourning, longing, whining, agonizing.
ululating (verb)
voicing (verb)
whispering, Intoning, voicing, exclaiming, Uttering, emitting, Pronouncing, muttering, Enunciating, Articulating, murmuring, speaking.

Other synonyms:

urgent. pressing, emergent. dire. burning. Other relevant words:
imperative, pressing, burning, urgent, dire, tearful, emergent, crucial.

Usage examples for crying

  1. The crying has to be done by somebody, and it might as well be she. – Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon 1893 by Hall Caine
  2. I called one evening as usual, and found her alone, with a look in her eyes which told me she had been crying – The Queen of Hearts by Wilkie Collins Last Updated: January 3, 2009
  3. Can't you stop crying and tell me? – Miss Theodosia's Heartstrings by Annie Hamilton Donnell