Synonyms for Buggy:


crazy (adjective)
demented, nutty.
deranged (adjective)
insane (adjective)


bobsleigh, bobsled, beach buggy, dog sled, KART, dune buggy, off-road vehicle, go-cart. moldy, bruised, spoiled, flaky, verminous, worm-eaten, wormy, flyblown, rotten. artifact (noun)
buggy (noun)
dirty, daft, nuts, insane, loopy, kooky, fruity, dotty, unclean, kookie, bonkers, haywire, barmy, around the bend, loco, bats, crackers, round the bend, balmy, whacky, roadster, batty, nutty, cracked, soiled, wacky, loony.
carriage (noun)
baby carriage, surrey, carriage, vehicle, wagon, cart, buckboard.
vehicle (noun)
conveyance, ambulance, jalopy, bicycle, bus, auto, tractor, boat, station wagon, taxi, cart, convertible, automobile, vehicle, sedan, fire engine, limousine, ferry, boxcar, ship, car, barge, roadster, taxicab, sled, hearse, van, cab, sledge, coupe, armored car, stagecoach, train, wagon, motorcycle, truck, landau, gondola, brougham, coach, motorcar, jeep.

Other synonyms:

buckboard, bananas, mentally ill, off-road vehicle, Daffy, brainsick, bobsleigh, wormy, bobsled, KART, chariot, worm-eaten, go-cart, dog sled, moldy, surrey, dune buggy, beach buggy. distraught, screwy, chaise, unbalanced, verminous, carriage, non compos mentis, lunatic, demented, maniacal. flaky, caravan, touched, unsound, disordered, moonstruck. mad. rotten. off. Other relevant words:
dotty, whacky, lunatic, of unsound mind, verminous, chaise, unclean, haywire, brainsick, cracked, carriage, baby carriage, balmy, screwy, maniacal, non compos mentis, bats, KART, batty, maniac, moonstruck, fruity, chariot, go-cart, flaky, disordered, not all there, mad, loopy, nuts, wormy, loony, kookie, dirty, unsound, sick in the head, stark raving mad, surrey, barmy, unbalanced, nutty, crazy as a loon, mad as a hatter, touched, soiled, bananas, demented, off, crackers, loco, kooky, distraught, wacky, buckboard, daft, around the bend, Daffy, beach buggy, insane, bobsled, cuckoo, mentally ill, nutty as a fruitcake, bonkers, round the bend.

Usage examples for buggy

  1. I'll jump out o' the buggy if you do that again!" – Rose of Dutcher's Coolly by Hamlin Garland
  2. Bill Bigs was the most frequent visitor, and when he rode there, or drove in his buggy it was seldom empty- handed. – The Sweep Winner by Nat Gould