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crazy - 503 results
lunatic (adjective)

fiendish, neurotic, crackpot, lunatic, nutty, psychotic, kooky, mad.

Other synonyms:

sane, underdone, imbalanced, off-kilter, crackbrained, baseless, uneven, raring, impractical, raving mad, screwball, spook, godforsaken, devious, dippy, balmy, off-the-wall, ill, fatuous, anxious, risky, grim, meshugge, way-out, meshuga, hungry, ghastly, lopsided, fool, rum, voracious, curled, sickish, antsy, fervent, nauseous, demented, non compos mentis, uneven, fool, queasy, oblique, rum, kookie, slanted, devious, tipping, fanciful, brainsick, quaint, dotty, skewed, simpleminded, wacko, cranky, groundless, curved, ding-a-ling, tomfool, unfounded, violent, juiced, mad, not in your right mind/not right in the head, aslant, winding, cock-a-hoop, spaced-out, loony, crazed, slantwise, daffy, screwy, macabre, solicitous, impatient, untamed, curving, uncivilized, enthused, inept, unhinged, hepped up, stoked, soft on, ardent, oblique, agog, certifiable, loopy, maladjusted, tilted, askew, cuckoo, bizarro, solicitous, curved, furious, sinuous, mental, outré, pumped, wacky, weak-minded, crackbrained, looney, huffy, ability, voracious, buggy, witless, unreal, angry, avid, savage, offbeat, space cadet, senile, twisted, curling, slanted, funky, loon, out-of-the-way, listing, twisted, bedlam, wise, off-kilter, slanting, softheaded, greedy, way-out, knowledge, avid, slanting, hot, kinky, bubbleheaded, weirdy, scatty, tortuous, featherheaded, smitten, thirsty, curvy, certifiable, tired of, barbarian, unwise, thirsty, touched, harebrained, keen, hot, bananas, loving, sick of, hazardous, spaced-out, hopped-up, listing, distracted, lopsided, hungry, frantic, strange, athirst, winding, twisting, zealous, skewed, twisting, pallid, remarkable, unbalanced, around the bend, creep, bughouse, curling, queerish, remarkable, funky, whacky, concern, waste, round the bend, sinuous, barbaric, queerish, off-the-wall, unreal, out-of-the-way, half-baked, slantwise, wrong, weak-minded, distraught, doddering, great, scatty, warm, off-kilter, wild, cockeyed, cranky, atilt, nutcase, cock-a-hoop, loony tunes, athirst, windy, raging, great, disordered, serpentine, taken with, aslant, gruesome, crooked, off-kilter, raring, cranky, sick, distressed, outré, lunkheaded, far-out, bughouse, antsy, weirdo, witless, mental, insane, disquieted, idle, desirous, moonstruck, agog, infatuated, tipping, bedlam, in love, tilted, doddery, fatuous, barmy, bending, featherheaded, madwoman, atilt, jerky, upset, fed up, bending, tortuous, wud, nutjob, fantastic, bats, curving, anxious, inept, rabid, windy, bubbleheaded, askew, unwise, childish, uncivilised, bizarro, kinky, daft, nauseated, grisly, loco, disgusted, excited, offbeat, gung ho, mentally ill, fruity, far-out, hepped up, worried, pumped, quaint, dingbat, pale, crooked, weirdie, pitched, sappy, hopped-up, sore, serpentine, crackers, wan, enthusiastic, pitched, stoked, disturbed, bonkers, enthused, curled, crazed, impatient, nuts, juiced, greedy, cracked, headcase, unearthly, cranky, wacko, tempestuous, curvy, unsound, unwarranted, geeked, over-the-top, geeked, unrestrained, lunkheaded, loony tunes, unusual, simpleminded, haywire, zany, enamored, fanciful, gaga, desirous, wud.

Examples of usage:

Sometimes he isn't so crazy. - "The Wrong Twin", Harry Leon Wilson.

Are you gone crazy? - "Footsteps of Fate", Louis Couperus.

We both must be going crazy, to go on as we do. - "Undertow", Kathleen Norris.

Similar words:

craze, crazily, crazed, spotted crake, creepy-crawly, pleasure craft, mosquito craft, the crane, nook and cranny, queen's crape myrtle.

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