Synonyms for Indistinct:


chaotic (adjective)
disheveled, disordered, lawless, discomposed, rambunctious, Disintegrated, embroiled, inexact, insane, irregular, undisciplined, lax, wild, chaotic, perturbed, disconnected, uneven, blurry, frantic, obscure, frenzied, disorganized, inchoate, deranged, fuzzy, anarchistic, amorphous, disorderly, deformed, disarrayed, messy, muddled, unruly, inconsistent, indefinite, tempestuous, shapeless, cluttered, jumbled, tumultuous, loose, formless, confused, anarchical, incoherent, out of control.
darkish (adjective)
dim (adjective)
vague, dim, filmy, bleary, cloudy, hazy, murky, faint, foggy, half-lit, shadowy.
equivocal (adjective)
obscure, ambiguous (adjective)
indeterminate, faint, misty, bleary, vague, indefinite, inconspicuous, inexact, blurred, hazy, ill-defined, dim, murky, unclear, fuzzy, shadowy, confused.
out of focus (adjective)
shapeless (adjective)
formless, indeterminate, diffuse, amorphous, chaotic, featureless, shapeless, indefinite, characterless.
subtle (adjective)
unintelligible (adjective)


subtle, invisible, inconspicuous, feeble, ill-defined. undistinct, unclear, misty, blear, clear. indistinct (noun)
muzzy, cloudy, nebulous, bedimmed, wispy, hazy, fuzzy, nebulose, bleary, faint, foggy, blurry, shadowy, veiled, dim, vague, blurred.
vague (noun)

Other synonyms:

invisible, undistinct. unclear, subtle, misty. unnoticeable
Other relevant words:
nebulose, ill-defined, subtle, bedimmed, undistinct, muzzy, misty, nebulous, blear, inconspicuous, invisible, feeble, unclear, wispy, imperceptible, veiled, blurred.

Usage examples for indistinct

  1. Even her voice sounded less hoarse and indistinct when she spoke again. – Paul Patoff by F. Marion Crawford
  2. My voice must have grown careless and indistinct for I heard Mrs. Harrington say:- 'Don't read any more, Mabel; I am sure you are tired. – Mabel's Mistake by Ann S. Stephens
  3. George stared at him, muttered something indistinct and ran down the ladder to the boat before Mr. Maldon could repeat his request. – Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon