Synonyms for Inaccurate:


dishonest (adjective)
erroneous (adjective)
Misconceived, untrue, unfaithful, miscalculated, marred, unsound, botched, all wet, defective, wide, faulty, wrong, imprecise, misestimated, incorrect, mistaken, false, flawed, off, illogical, misjudged, inexact, Misconstrued, distorted, erroneous, fallacious, in error.
imprecise (adjective)
inexact, approximate, incorrect, imprecise.
improper (adjective)
wrong (adjective)
incorrect, mistaken, flawed, aberrant, untrue, bad, illegal, false, improper, fallacious, wrong, erroneous, faulty, in error.


questionable, approximately, roughly, broadly. fallacious (noun)
in error.
inaccurate (noun)
away, faulty, wide of the mark, wide, erroneous, unfaithful, outside.

Other synonyms:

questionable, approximately, roughly. broadly. unsound. off. Other relevant words:
outside, in error, away, questionable, approximately, unfaithful, wide, broadly, roughly, unsound, all wet, off.

Usage examples for inaccurate

  1. Whose Speech flew over Germany, like fire over dry flax; and still exists,- both Speeches now oftenest rolled into one by inaccurate editors. – History Of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Vol. III. (of XXI.) Frederick The Great--The Hohenzollerns In Brandenburg--1412-1718 by Thomas Carlyle
  2. The shell fire had been at long range and was apparently brief and inaccurate – A Journey Through France in War Time by Joseph G. Butler, Jr.
  3. As might be expected, various reports went abroad respecting this mysterious affair, most of them being inaccurate – Strange Pages from Family Papers by T. F. Thiselton Dyer