Synonyms for Sweeping:


across-the-board (adjective)
complete (adjective)
entire (adjective)
all, conclusive, entire, full-scale, all-inclusive, gross, total, holistic, global, full, mass, full-grown, tally, sum, whole, full-fledged, complete, comprehensive, exhaustive, all-embracing.
far-reaching (adjective)
inclusive (adjective)
wide-ranging (adjective)
broad, wide, all-inclusive, indiscriminate, full, global, wholesale, all-embracing, comprehensive, exhaustive, radical, extensive, complete.


concentric, asymmetrical, aerodynamic, bent, concave, clean, chunky, closed, angular, bulbous. wrong, broadly, approximate, imprecise, roughly, inexact, incorrect, questionable, approximately, inaccurate. radically, developmental, away, drastic, radical, gradually, gradual, quicksilver, cosmetic, evolutionary. sweeping (noun)
far-reaching, comprehensive, wholesale, broad, extensive, indiscriminate, wide, moving.


cleaning (verb)
purifying, clearing, Disinfecting, scrubbing, cleansing, Sterilizing, cleaning, washing, Filtering, purging, ordering, Wiping, laundering, Tidying, sanitizing.
curving (verb)
bowing, arching, curving, rounding, Crooking, hooking, hanging, bending, Cambering, swerving, sagging.

Other synonyms:

broad. extensive
Other relevant words:
imprecise, clean, inexact, inaccurate, broad, wholesale, approximate, indiscriminate, moving, far-reaching, extensive, radically, drastic, radical, wide.

Usage examples for sweeping

  1. I was sweeping off the steps when he went by the house. – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  2. Jane's gone and there's all the sweeping to do, the baby to take care of, and three meals a day to get! – Pages for Laughing Eyes by Unknown
  3. " Here, on the stairs, I am sweeping answered the first drop of blood. – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers