Synonyms for Sharp:


abrasive (adjective)
active (adjective)
attentive (adjective)
concerned, intent, cautious, diligent, alert, observant, attentive, Scrutinizing, mindful, careful, heedful, Concentrating, enraptured, fascinated, responsible, watchful, engrossed, Immersed, observing, regardful, Hearkening, absorbed, vigilant, entranced, interested, Considering, rapt.
cold (adjective)
conical (adjective)
cunning (adjective)
serpentine, tricky, sly, cunning, crafty, astute, clever, scheming, wary, slippery, deft, snaky, masterly, smooth, foxy, feline, witty, skillful, shrewd, ingenious, canny, quick, slick, wily, subtle, calculating, masterful, designing, artful, devious.
excellent (adjective)
excellent, distinctive, first class, fine.
extreme (adjective)
fashionable (adjective)
chic, stylish.
intelligent (adjective)
erudite, gifted, intellectual, intelligent, cogent, perspicacious, capable, incisive, brainy, genius, knowledgeable, worldly, astute, keen, knowing, canny, clever, sagacious, profound, encyclopedic, brilliant, bright, sophisticated, wise, Comprehending, smart.
mordant (adjective)
painful (adjective)
plush (adjective)
pungent (adjective)
spicy, acrid, pungent, piquant, poignant, bitter, sour, caustic, tangy.
rough (adjective)
severe (adjective)
caustic, authoritarian, acute, cutting, austere, strait-laced, curt, prudish, uncompromising, acerbic, exacting, oppressive, acrimonious, basic, dry, inflexible, critical, blunt, frosty, censorious, dour, correct, imperial, stringent, short, spare, fundamental, grim, demanding, stiff-necked, intense, astringent, stern, relentless, gruff, lean, obstinate, brusque, strict, chilly, meticulous, spartan, icy, keen, hidebound, disciplined, rigorous, obdurate, puritanical, bleak, cool, intolerant, rigid, precise, tart, unbending, brisk, ascetic, raw, draconian, piquant, severe, abrupt, harsh, crisp, stark.
sharp (adjective)
bright, wily, cuspate, acrid, shrewd, pointy, acrimonious, short, canny, chic, explicit, astringent, serrated, snaky, sly, stinging, cutting, adroit, needle-like, obvious, knifelike, edged, discriminating, clever, fashionable, lively, prickly, sour, definite, swank, artful, spiny, Thistly, razor-sharp, spinous, active, piquant, acerbic, burning, acuminate, excellent, briery, austere, clear, trendy, visible, shooting, acuate, penetrating, tapering, severe, peaked, Tony, fine, bitter, acid, tart, sagittal, intelligent, cuspidate, dashing, resourceful, salient, biting, slick, pointed, angry, spiky, dressy, spiked, aciculate, classy, underhand, double-edged, distinct, barbed, trenchant, brainy, audible, abrupt, bristly, critical, incisive, razor-edged, vitriolic, quick, agonizing, designing, piercing, subtle, crisp, observant, alert, sensitive, penetrative, stabbing, spear-like, jagged, sarcastic, pungent, distinctive, brilliant, acute, ingenious, keen, crafty, brisk, knowing, thorny, cunning, needle-point, wise, intense, smart, caustic, harsh, astute, slippery, sharpened, unscrupulous, scathing.
short (adjective)
sour (adjective)
pungent, acidic, piquant, acerbic, bitter, unripe, tart, acerb, sour.
stylish (adjective)
chic, modernistic, fashionable, dressy.
trenchant (adjective)
vigilant (adjective)
vigorous (adjective)
energetic, lively, active.
witty (adjective)
cunning, waggish, brilliant, urbane, sparkling, tricky, joking, ingenious, quick, comical, deft, pointed, scintillating, intelligent, sly, crafty, artful, wily, jocular, facetious, sarcastic, funny, sophisticated, canny, inventive, quick-witted, clever, adroit, droll, pithy, shrewd, witty, dry, smart, astute, scurrilous, resourceful, subtle, foxy.


all (adverb)
sharp (adverb)
on the dot, promptly.


crotchet, DO, beat, B, C, dull, fine, chord, double flat, D. aciculate, Aciculated, able, peaked, salient, acuminate, briery, academic, tapering, stinging. back, Against, about, down, onward, backward, biting, around, up, outside. agonizing, underhand, achy, burning, chapped, angry, bad, agonising, crippling, chronic. brackish, chocolatey, bittersweet, chocolate, flavored, fiery. bass, classical, cuspidated, flat, Mucronate, harmonic, cuspidate, bluesy, acicular, funky, harmonious, acoustic, atonal, cuspated, cuspate, discordant. casual, unmistakable, affective, deep-seated, depth, clear, deep, blind, unequivocal, unambiguous. allegro, Sharp-witted, bass clef, ability, adagio, bar, andante, con brio, con amore, clef, ARR, bar line. futuristic, up-to-the-minute, sensitive, advanced, contemporary, modernistic, modern, trenchant, ahead of your/its etc. time, space age, state of the art, probing. contrasting, means, diverse, alternative, conflicting, dissimilar, different, honest, various, guileful, unlike, divergent. corrosive, upset, annoyed, respect, fed up, put out, irritated, cross, scathing, belligerent, acid, slashing, mordacious, attack, vitriolic, mordant, mad, truculent, displeased. loud, resounding, shooting, big, Gnawing, deafening, noisy, Ear-splitting, riotous, can't hear yourself think, uproarious. manifest, apparent, taste, show up, identifiable, perceptible, zesty, plain, noticeable. feeder, in, mod, two-way, dashing, passable, classy, trig, arterial, impassable, one-way, stylish, swanky, usual, modish, tight, trendy, slow, posh, fashionable, swish, chic, with-it, style, swank, Tony. deceitful, unscrupulous, untruthful, unprincipled, dishonest, corrupt, dubious. developmental, radically, away, gradual, gradually, drastic, evolutionary, cosmetic, radical, quicksilver. left-handed, razor-sharp, serrated, Two-edged, double-edged. frost, icicle, glare ice, ice over, frozen, black ice, hard. chesty, breathless, labored, indrawn, bronchial, deeply, pulmonary, heavily, choke. diatonic, major, minor, tonic, chromatic. in time, just in time, punctual, promptly, well-timed, duly, prompt, on the dot. distinct (noun)
clear, visible, audible, definite, obvious, explicit.
intense (noun)
sharp (noun)
discriminating, astringent, intense, distinct, piercing, acerb, sharply, astute, keen, scratching, unpleasant, fulgurating, sharp-worded, high-pitched, acute, precipitous, sharpened, shrewd, intelligent, high, forceful, smart, steep, sour, sudden, knifelike, edged, penetrative, shrill, crisp, abrupt, stabbing, lancinating, salt, perceptive, acuate, penetrating, lancinate, carnassial, tart, acerbic, incisive, cutting.

Other synonyms:

classy, acicular, glare ice, black ice, probing, punctual, mordacious, cuspidate, mod, zesty, ice over, cuspidated, well-timed, diatonic, chromatic, aciculate, fashionable, icicle, guileful, acuminate, serrated, trenchant, unambiguous, Mucronate, trig, cuspate, just in time, briery, cuspated, chic, Tony, Gnawing, Aciculated, impassable. double-edged, with-it, arterial, trendy, frozen, stylish, left-handed, duly, unequivocal, definite, active, unmistakable, scathing, corrosive, Two-edged, slashing, posh, Sharp-witted, frost. one-way, two-way, feeder, promptly, shooting, razor-sharp. minor, dashing, truculent, modish. in, prompt. tight, tonic, major. hard. biting
Other relevant words:
incisive, piercing, trenchant, fine, steep, classy, double-edged, stinging, penetrating, knifelike, precipitous, scathing, biting, beat, stabbing, perceptive, Gnawing, shooting, edged, prompt, shrill.

Usage examples for sharp

  1. And look sharp about it, and don't keep them waiting. – Old Peter's Russian Tales by Arthur Ransome
  2. Macallister gave him a sharp glance. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. " Then he'd better look sharp after the will," said Undershaw, with a smile. – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward