Synonyms for Night:


night (adjective)
eventide, nighttime, twilight, evening, dusk, dark.


farewell, all the best, see you, ciao, take it easy, obscurity, adios, nightfall, goodbye, aloha, midnight, catch you later, bedtime, good night. overnight, late-night, starry, moonlit, last thing (at night), late, by night/day, after dark, nocturnal, duskiness. ordeal, stress, nightmare, trouble, worst-case scenario, quagmire, tragedy, battle, crisis. dinner party, fringe, competition, DO, coffee klatch, event, black tie, blind date, company. ft, business hours, business day, clock-watching, flextime, clock off, dress-down day, core time, come in, clock in. blackness (noun)
dinginess, gloom, jet blackness, dimness, darkness, blackness.
dark (noun)
darkness (noun)
enjoy (noun)
celebrate, party, have fun.
night (noun)
sundown, sunset, vesper, nox, nighttime, dark.
part of day after sundown and before sunrise (noun)
duskiness, obscurity, after dark, darkness, nighttime, nightfall, bedtime, midnight, eventide, blackness, gloom, twilight, dark, evening.
time (noun)
nighttime, dark.

Other synonyms:

bedtime, eve, midnight. nocturnal. dusk

Usage examples for night

  1. " No, no," said Nelly; " we must go home to- night – Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon 1893 by Hall Caine
  2. I'll give it to you when I see you to- night – Average Americans by Theodore Roosevelt