Synonyms for Filmy:


covered with mist; blurry (adjective)
dim, hazy, milky, bleary, misty, cloudy.
dim (adjective)
foggy, indistinct, cloudy, dim, murky, bleary, faint, half-lit, shadowy, vague, hazy.
finespun, fragile (adjective)
flimsy, sheer, diaphanous, transparent, gossamer, gauzy, cobwebby.
semitransparent (adjective)
misty, unclear, fuzzy, bleary, murky, semi-opalescent, foggy, veiled, hazy, diaphanous, gauzy, semi-opaque, cloudy, semitransparent, milky, limpid.
transparent (adjective)
clear, translucent, glassy, revealing, lucid, limpid, diaphanous, transparent, lucent, crystalline.


distressed, fibrous, crisp, brushed, cellular, colorfast, creased, flimsy, Breathable. airy, thick, Gossamery, aerial, Vapory, aery. blurry. filmy (noun)
thin, transparent, sheer, cobwebby, diaphanous, gauzy, gossamer, vaporous, see through.

Other synonyms:

brushed, fibrous, blurry, Vapory, Gossamery, colorfast, aery, creased. Breathable. cellular. aerial, distressed. airy. crisp. Other relevant words:
flimsy, cellular, creased, see through, brushed, vaporous, sheer, Vapory, aerial, airy, crisp, gossamer, aery, blurry, cobwebby, thick, thin, colorfast, distressed, Gossamery, Breathable, fibrous.

Usage examples for filmy

  1. In the glare of the lights his eyelids beat heavily, painfully, like the wings of an imprisoned moth, over his filmy eyes. – Mortal Coils by Aldous Huxley