Synonyms for Soft:


agreeable (adjective)
comfortable (adjective)
compassionate (adjective)
benign, weak, simple, amiable, lax, permissive, sentimental, undemanding, indulgent, sensitive, liberal, kind, affectionate, manageable, courteous, effortless, tender.
cowardly (adjective)
cushioned, squishy (adjective)
cottony, easy, pithy, cushy, limp, doughy, flexible, fine, cozy, fleecy, spongy, downy, quaggy, velvety, smooth, flowing, elastic, plastic, flimsy, mushy, pliable, squashy, comfy, snug, cushiony, satiny, flocculent, malleable, feathery, fleshy, supple, delicate, thin, Pappy, flabby, fluffy, silky, Easeful, yielding, pulpy.
cushy (adjective)
dull (adjective)
effeminate (adjective)
effeminate, delicate, feminine, girlish, gentle, unmanly, womanish.
effete (adjective)
faint, temperate (adjective)
dusky, melodious, ashen, subdued, sweet, pastel, dull, hazy, mellow, pallid, soothing, lenient, pale, mellifluous, shaded, quiet, mild, gentle, wan, muted, misty, tinted, light, cool, low.
feeble (adjective)
decrepit, frail, powerless, doddering, fragile, run down, infirm, rickety, sickly, feeble, weak, ailing, flimsy, debilitated, faint.
fleecy (adjective)
fluffy (adjective)
woolly, downy.
harmonious (adjective)
mild (adjective)
amiable, tender, even, clement, charitable, broad-minded, cordial, mild, peaceable, peaceful, open-minded, quiet, liberal, lax, libertarian, benevolent, tolerant, meek, kind, sweet, genial, benign, permissive, gentle, forbearing, demulcent, moderate, lenient, insipid.
moderate (adjective)
composed, soothing, subdued, gentle, pacific, quiet, relaxed, cool, temperate, calm, tranquil, restrained, innocuous, moderate, easy, alleviated.
out of condition (adjective)
flaccid, pampered, fat, untrained.
pulpy (adjective)
pasty, overripe, Mashed, ripe, juicy, soggy, pureed, doughy, mushy, fleshy, pulpy, spongy, squishy.
quiet (adjective)
muffled, low, mumbling, sotto voce, soft-spoken, whispering, faint.
sensitive (adjective)
gooey, sentimental, sloppy, mawkish, romantic, sappy, schmaltzy, lovesick, starry-eyed, fanciful, tender, sensitive, mushy, poetic, maudlin, dewy-eyed.
soft (adjective)
lithe, pliable, malleable, pliant, mushy, gentle, elastic, yielding, tractable, plastic.
softhearted (adjective)
stupid (adjective)


all (adverb)


brackish, flowing, Chlorinated, rolling, hard, dilute, aerated, boiling, saline. fine, rough, silky, generous, pithy, Warm-hearted, satiny, smooth, thin, limp, warm, caring, nice, feathery, harsh. hazy, blond, fluorescent, gray, glaring, pallid, dusky, infrared, backlit, pale, bright, misty, floodlit, pastel, ashen, shaded, phosphorescent, halogen, direct, moonlit, candlelit, wan, tinted, shady. melodious, resilient, faraway, supple. considerate, cutting, biting, affectionate, easterly, the Beaufort scale, gusty, following, east, courteous, gale-force, force. elementary, convenient, fat, trouble-free, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), undemanding, untrained. not condemn, fail to attack, slick, waxy, favor, sleek, neglect, not oppose. gutless, resist, lame duck, susceptible, be easily led, weak-willed, directionless, Pulpous, Pappy, quaggy. mellifluous, lilting, melodic, musical, whispery, rich, tuneful. strong. slight. tenderhearted, softhearted. merciful, accept. feelings, slushy, sobby, soupy, soppy, gushy, bathetic, drippy, tear-jerking. Feeble-minded, slow-witted, simple, simple-minded, ability, half-witted, backward, Weak-minded. down, off, slack, sluggish, increase. comfy, good, snug, Easeful, cozy. easy (noun)
manageable, simple, effortless.
pliable (noun)
soft (noun)
cushiony, cheeselike, mellowing, softened, yielding, squashy, hushed, nonalcoholic, pianissimo assai, palatal, lax, lenient, fleecy, coddled, murmurous, softish, napped, demulcent, overstuffed, salving, palatalised, flossy, untoughened, pianissimo, spoiled, light, fricative, muffled, gentle, flabby, wooly, pampered, dull, mellow, palatalized, spongy, spirant, squishy, squeezable, softening, flaccid, piano, low-toned, low, soft-spoken, soughing, little, liquid, woolly, emollient, compliant, downy, semisoft, euphonious, diffused, muted, spongelike, weak, soft-footed, downlike, whispering, effeminate, cushy, susurrous, velvety, indulgent, cottony, murmuring, delicate, cushioned, easy, velvet, subdued, permissive, brushed, sibilant, padded, susurrant, compressible, rustling, fluffy, small, mushy, flocculent.

Other synonyms:

comfy, aerated, drippy, phosphorescent, lilting, brackish, tear-jerking, Chlorinated, floodlit, infrared, rolling, quaggy, Pulpous, boiling, sobby, flowing, Easeful, fluorescent, directionless, feathery, limp, dilute, backlit, whispery, weak-willed, bathetic, mellifluous, gushy, slow-witted, soupy, candlelit, tuneful. pale, slight, supple, halogen, tenderhearted, silky, melodic, cozy, simple-minded, saline, slushy, sluggish, softhearted, Feeble-minded, Pappy, resilient, lame duck, half-witted. musical, soppy, susceptible, Weak-minded, slack. snug, merciful. smooth. simple, down. direct, off, backward. rich. controllable
Other relevant words:
effortless, affectionate, light, tenderhearted, cushioned, flexible, flabby, flaccid, mellow, nonalcoholic, squashy, smooth, softened, cushy, softhearted, Feeble-minded, merciful, simple, slushy.

Usage examples for soft

  1. I know how to make the white man's heart soft so he cannot fight. – Red Men and White by Owen Wister
  2. It was very soft – Spotted Deer by Elmer Gregor
  3. Lucky enough for him, there was a great bank of soft snow close to the side- walk, and the most of 'em fell into that and wasn't hurt. – The Lamplighter by Maria S. Cummins