Synonyms for Furry:


fluffy (adjective)
fuzzy, woolly.
hairy (adjective)
fuzzy, bushy, fleecy, woolly, pilose, shaggy, hairy, hirsute.


aquatic, asexual, androgynous, arboreal, captive, best-of-breed, amphibious, articulate, anthropoid, Caged. gilded, Cobbled, frothy, gift-wrapped, armor-plated, gold-plated, foamy, gilt, grass. furry (noun)
furred, hirsute, hairy.

Other synonyms:

dry, frothy, gold-plated, foamy, gift-wrapped, gargle, Cobbled, epiglottis, pilose, agape, armor-plated, dribble, Adam's Apple. froth, fleecy, gilt, gilded. corner. grass. Other relevant words:
epiglottis, Cobbled, anthropoid, aquatic, froth, corner, gift-wrapped, androgynous, frothy, pilose, fleecy, dribble, gingivitis, gargle, armor-plated, Caged, articulate, asexual, furred, foamy, gilded, grass, agape, arboreal, captive, best-of-breed, amphibious, gilt, gold-plated, dry.

Usage examples for furry

  1. Out they tumbled, seven little furry fatnesses, with pointed noses, and pricked ears, and tiny black eyes that blinked nervously in the sun. – Dusty Star by Olaf Baker