Synonyms for Fierce:


angry (adjective)
destructive (adjective)
hard-fought (adjective)
heavy (adjective)
severe (adjective)
untamed (adjective)
wild, untamed.
violent (adjective)
violent, brawling, outrageous, wild, furious, raging, assaultive, intense, fighting, frenzied, broiling, ferocious, vehement, abusive, tumultuous, uproarious, savage.
violent, menacing (adjective)
bold, strong, intense, passionate, vehement, raving, threatening, wild, murderous, malign, raging, animal, truculent, furious, malevolent, ferocious, frightening, cutthroat, awful, bloodthirsty, howling, untamed, savage, terrible, powerful, venomous, dangerous, stormy, boisterous, primitive.


wrathful, raving, basic, hard-boiled, dangerous, deep-seated, fanatical, awful, gentle, frantic, ruthless, bold, primitive, terrible, animal, blind, sense, desperate, truculent, insane, hard, passionate, bloody, menacing, malevolent, rabid, virulent, bestial, sanguinary, casual, frightening, affective, depth, burning, tough, malign, bitter, aggressive, acutely, grim, untamed, bloodthirsty, murderous, mad, monstrous, irate, venomous, tame, hostile, fearsome. unbridled, frightful, incensed, severe, fearful, thunderous, incandescent, uncontrolled, devastating, turbulent, moderate, threatening, steamed, unrestrained, lowering, apoplectic, inclement, mild, howling, hellish, steaming, destructive, seething. inhuman, heavily, lightly, kind, full on the mouth/chin etc., mightily, hefty, fiercely, powerful, wolfish. humid, raw, muggy, sultry, help, unseasonable. heavy, strong, high. big. concentrated, Heightened, intensive. fierce (noun)
merciless, ferocious, savage, cutthroat, furious, intense, vehement, boisterous, unmerciful, tearing, trigger-happy, bowelless, rough, stormy, violent.
intense (noun)
fervent, ardent, acute, deep.


mean (verb)

Other synonyms:

wolfish, sultry, humid, Heightened, muggy, unseasonable, inclement. bloody, intensive, fiercely, mightily, bestial, threatening. tough, hefty, concentrated, terrible. powerful, desperate. heavily. lightly. heavy. raw. strong. high. fierce
Other relevant words:
hostile, monstrous, bowelless, awful, bloody, raw, truculent, passionate, fervent, tearing, virulent, animal, aggressive, tough, untamed, destructive, raving, wolfish, severe, inclement, heavily, hefty, hellish, unseasonable, rough, intensive, stormy, deep, lowering, malevolent, turbulent, dangerous, frightful, bold, inhuman, cutthroat, heavy, menacing, grim, ardent, murderous, rabid, sultry, concentrated, burning, insane, unmerciful, frantic, powerful, fiercely, sanguinary, primitive, thunderous, bestial, threatening, frightening, bloodthirsty, uncontrolled, strong, Heightened, ruthless, unrestrained, fearful, terrible, merciless, humid, bitter, howling, acutely, hard, mad, wrathful, acute, boisterous, venomous, trigger-happy, lightly, high, desperate, malign, mightily.

Usage examples for fierce

  1. We had a fierce battle with them every night. – A Soldier in the Philippines by Needom N. Freeman
  2. This may be known to the man in black, which makes him so fierce to obtain the ring. – Frank Merriwell's Chums by Burt L. Standish