Synonyms for Decreased:


all (adjective)
decreased (adjective)
compressed, depleted, abridged, lower, eroded, diminished, decremented, deflated, shortened, Compacted, lessened, concentrated, Abated, Curtailed, truncated, contracted, Receded, abbreviated, drained, shrunk.
depressed (adjective)
sunken, debased, lowered, attenuated, depressed.
diminished (adjective)
docked, deflated, removed, dropped, Pared, Lightened, shaved, shrunken, contracted, Compacted, mowed, lessened, Bobbed, lowered, abridged, Receded, reduced, abbreviated, downgraded, cropped, concentrated, depleted, compressed, Nipped, weeded, tapered, sheared, trimmed, truncated, decremented, Dwindled, cut, Leached, pruned, diminished, condensed, deducted, Curtailed, eroded, shortened, clipped, drained.
lower (adjective)
reduced (adjective)
Discounted, pruned, Curtailed, diminished, subtracted, abridged, deducted, removed, compressed, trimmed, sheared, deflated, Pared, docked, cut, cropped, shaved, lessened, shortened, drained, Deleted, clipped, abbreviated, Nipped, mowed, Elided, reduced, Snubbed, weeded, contracted, Depreciated, bated, eroded, Bobbed, lowered.


decreased (noun)
attenuated, reduced, small, cut, shrivelled, slashed, attenuate, bated, faded, remittent, weakened, diminished, minimized, shrunken, ablated, shriveled, belittled.


curtailed (verb)
minimized, reduced, fragmented, discontinued.
decreased (verb)
deducted, Dwindled, died down, Shrank, lowered, Subsided.
depressed (verb)
Sank, sunk.
diminished (verb)
lost (verb)
dispossessed, lost, dissipated, forfeited, exhausted, misplaced, dissolved, Divested, Debited.
subtracted (verb)
abridged, diminished, cut, Deleted, shaved, pruned, Depreciated, deducted, trimmed, docked, clipped, Bobbed, Elided, lowered, Pared, sheared, weeded, cropped, Discounted, lessened, Curtailed, subtracted, reduced.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
attenuate, shriveled, small, remittent, shrivelled, belittled, faded, slashed, weakened, ablated.

Usage examples for decreased

  1. Note that the eggs and fat are increased, while the baking powder and moisture are decreased – School and Home Cooking by Carlotta C. Greer
  2. At first she handled the iron quite awkwardly, but in a few minutes she became interested and the pile of handkerchiefs rapidly decreased – Molly Brown's Junior Days by Nell Speed